IFA Crossroads: SABIC Agri-Nutrients Highlights Sustainable Solutions

IFA Crossroads: SABIC Agri-Nutrients Highlights Sustainable Solutions

SABIC is committed to offer sustainable agri-nutrient solutions that are designed to get the best out of plants: Yazeed Al-Angari

SABIC Agri-Nutrients Company (SABIC AN) highlighted its commitment to being a reliable, sustainable and innovative solution provider during its participation in the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) Crossroads conference in Singapore.

At the IFA opening session, Yazeed Al-Angari, VP, Business, delivered a welcome speech where he emphasized the responsibility of SABIC AN to address food security and environmental challenges, meeting the needs of the present in a way that does not jeopardize the planet’s future.

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Speaking at the reception, Al-Angari said: “We are committed to the farming community by offering sustainable and innovative agri-nutrient solutions that are specifically designed to get the best out of plants and help crops grow in different types of soils.”

The conference provided a platform to the company to highlight its theme, ‘The Way We Farm Matters to Everyone’, which shows that SABIC AN is receptive to the agriculture industry megatrends related to environmental impact, food security, and farming efficiency.

It has taken initiatives in these directions to achieve industry-leading performance and realize its goal to be the national champion and a global leader in agri-nutrients industry.

SABIC AN received the world’s first independent certification for blue ammonia production. A leading independent testing, inspection, and certification agency based in Germany certified the blue ammonia production facility of SABIC AN for producing 37,800 tons of blue ammonia.

The IFA conference is the flagship event of all key fertilizer players to gather and learn about the latest developments in the industry. SABIC has been an active member of the association for many years.

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