NEOM Food Sector and CARE Partner to Drive Food Innovation in Saudi Arabia

NEOM Food Sector and CARE Partner to Drive Food Innovation in Saudi Arabia

This partnership supports NEOM’s goal of developing a new model of food production and supply in harsh conditions

NEOM has announced a partnership with CARE’s, a global project founded by Italian chef Norbert Niederkofler and Paolo Ferretti, to develop NEOM’s unique culinary identity where the food supply is treated responsibly from the planet to the plate.

"Together we will inspire a new generation of Saudi chefs to become change agents, creating exciting, delicious new dishes using fresh ingredients from their own regions," NEOM authorities stated.

NEOM and CARE’s will develop a manifesto for food-industry professionals, outlining the principles for sustainable gastronomy and food security, alongside educational initiatives and content to broaden understanding of healthy eating.

With a commitment to nurturing Saudi talent, the partnership will facilitate training opportunities and chef camps, as well as launch an award series to recognize leading examples of innovation in food systems.

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Dr. Juan Carlos Motamayor, Executive Director of NEOM Food Sector, commented: “In an era marked by the challenges of climate change and food insecurity, NEOM is committed to developing groundbreaking food solutions, with the support of our industry partners and specialists.

"Working with Norbert and the CARE’s program gives us the opportunity to demonstrate, develop and implement locally adapted modern food practices that both meet the nutritional needs of consumers in NEOM and the Kingdom and preserve our planet.”

CARE’s brings together chefs, inspirational entrepreneurs and professionals from the food industry who all share the goal of promoting the use of locally sourced ingredients and sustainable food practices that are in harmony with nature.

At present, the program includes over 150 chefs in more than 25 countries, who act as ambassadors across the globe and support a wide variety of initiatives and engagement opportunities that will establish a sustainable approach to gastronomy.

Norbert Niederkofler, Co-Founder of CARE’s, commented: “Through this partnership, CARE’s has an opportunity to not only create a foundation for a more ethical and sustainable approach to gastronomy in the Kingdom, but also to help nurture Saudi talent to drive innovation in food.

Between CARE’s network of international multidisciplinary ambassador chefs and NEOM’s food-industry specialists, technological capabilities and commitment to innovation, we’re confident we can create impactful change that benefits the Kingdom and the rest of the world.

The NEOM CARE’s partnership further strengthens NEOM’s ongoing commitment to harnessing innovation to nourish people and the planet and guaranteeing food security for generations to come.

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