Tharawat Family Business Forum, AW Rostamani Group Launch New Report

Tharawat Family Business Forum, AW Rostamani Group Launch New Report

Climate Change and Family Business: The Tharawat Family Business Forum and AW Rostamani Group launch report addressing climate action

The Tharawat Family Business Forum, in collaboration with the AW Rostamani Group and knowledge partner Global Compact Network UAE, launched a report outlining climate risks and action for family businesses in the MENA.

The report features case studies across Chalhoub Group, L’Oréal and the Arrigoni Group.

On 15th December 2022, the Tharawat Family Business Forum launched a first-of-its-kind report to address the realities of climate change and environmental sustainability in the MENA and explore the role family-owned companies will play in building a more sustainable future.

The report “Climate Change and Family Business: Action for a Sustainable Future in the MENA” was developed with the support of the AW Rostamani Group, knowledge partner the Global Compact Network UAE, and 12 contributing experts and business leaders.

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The report is a unique publication that explores urgent questions, such as ‘Are businesses in the MENA aware of and taking action against climate change?’.

It also highlights the latest climate developments globally and regionally, outlines the role that family firms play in mitigating climate risks and explores ways to implement mechanisms that will drive corporate sustainability.

At the heart of this report are the three in-depth case studies on L’Oréal, the Chalhoub Group and the Arrigoni Group, granting a deeper understanding of how these notable organizations have envisioned and implemented their environmental strategies.

In addition, over 20 MENA family businesses taking decisive climate action are highlighted as champions of change throughout the report as well as a climate action checklist to support enterprises in implementing environmental strategies and explore opportunities.

An editor’s committee with members from five different MENA countries was established to provide oversight and guide the further development of the report.

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