40,000 Sustainable Building Permits Were Issued in the UAE in 2022

40,000 Sustainable Building Permits Were Issued in the UAE in 2022

$2.8 billion in real estate sales transactions were recorded in a single week earlier this month

ZāZEN Properties, a leading sustainable property developer in the UAE, cites that 40,000 permits were issued for sustainable buildings in 2022.

Earlier this month, at the World Government Summit (WSG), it was also announced that 46 million square meters of green space was developed through the end of last year.

Key initiatives like Dubai 2040 Urban Masterplan and UAE Net Zero 2050 have spearheaded an environmentally friendly shift, and the country’s real estate sector is similarly witnessing an increase in green builds in recent years.

Expo 2020 saw 121 LEED-certified buildings rise up and several green and sustainable-centric projects are in the industry’s pipeline.

With the world’s population projected to reach approximately 10 billion people by 2050, food, water, and energy shortages are among some of the global threats that exist.

Green real estate can help mitigate these risks, especially since LEED-certified buildings are known to contribute 50% fewer greenhouse gases (GHGs) than conventionally constructed buildings due to efficiencies in water consumption and 48% fewer GHGs due to solid waste management.

ZāZEN Properties Highlights Real Estate Sustainability in the UAE

As it relates specifically to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), this region is currently the most water-scarce area and with more than 480 million inhabitants living in the region, over 480,000 tonnes of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is generated every day.

Greater water and waste management within the UAE, and throughout MENA, will accordingly provide many benefits.

The UAE’s implementation of UAE Net Zero and Dubai 2040 Urban Masterplan has taken actionable steps towards ensuring the country is not susceptible to a difficult future.

The former aligns with the Paris Agreement, an initiative that calls on countries to prepare long-term strategies to reduce GHGs and limit the rise in global temperature to 1.5 C compared to pre-industrial levels, while the latter comprises several sustainable objectives.

Sustainably developed real estate in the UAE will be an integral component of seeing through His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s mandates.

The country is coming off the heels of a record-breaking performance in 2022, and its momentum has carried into 2023 with $2.8 billion in sales transactions being recorded in a single week earlier this month.

As the market remains hot, and demand for housing continues to skyrocket with a plethora of overseas investors making their way into the country via initiatives like the UAE Golden Visa program, sustainably developed real estate will become increasingly important in the years to come.

Madhav Dhar, co-founder, and COO of ZāZEN Properties said: “In today’s world, developers must closely collaborate within their cities and countries, to create sustainable communities that position future generations for success.

"We have data that shows the negative environmental and social impact of global warming and scarce resources, and proactive actions must be implemented now to mitigate these risks.

"Our leaders have wisely put the UAE’s future development at the forefront with key initiatives like UAE Net Zero 2050, Dubai 2040 Urban Masterplan, and most recently D33.

"These initiatives are working in tandem to not only ensure a sustainable future but to also successfully aid the country in diversifying away from oil and becoming leaders within new sectors.”

ZāZEN Properties’ flagship project, ZāZEN One, is a sustainable wonder which amassed great success after its launch last year.

The homegrown brand’s latest development, ZāZEN Gardens, is further aiding the UAE's environmentally-focused efforts through its LEED Gold certification & Well-Being Integration.

The project is the first of its kind in the country and 50% of units have already been sold since off-plan sales launched in mid-December 2022.

"The handover is due in April 2024 and close to 15% of the project’s construction has been completed since it first began in October 2022," the company stated.

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