CIBSE Steps Up Sustainable Transformations in the Middle East

CIBSE Steps Up Sustainable Transformations in the Middle East

Buildings’ sustainability in terms of service efficiency and net-zero emissions is in focus

The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), a global network of building services professionals, outlined its objectives in the Middle East as it celebrated 125 years of being one of the highest authorities in the domain.

Sustainable transformation, within the context of buildings’ efficiency and ecological footprint, will be the cornerstone of our efforts and endeavour in the Middle East, CIBSE announced.

CIBSE has advanced best scientific practices in building services engineering, by investing in education and research, fostering a community of like-minded individuals, and providing networking opportunities for effective knowledge flows on a global scale.

In recent years, CIBSE has firmly positioned itself at the intersection of the built environment, technology, and sustainability, to reconcile the industry with emerging priorities.

Farah Naz, the Chair of CIBSE's UAE Chapter said: “CIBSE members represent the crème de la crème of the global building services engineering.

"The long-serving professional association has remained a beacon of excellence throughout the building services industry’s vicissitudes.

"In the Middle East, where the need for best-in-class services and engineering practices has been pronounced in the last couple of decades, CIBSE’s region-specific road map for sustainable transformation will be consequential."

Following its official launch in Dubai in 2016, CIBSE has emphasized community-building initiatives through subcommittees such as Society of Public Health Engineers (SoPHE), Society of Light and Lighting (SLL), Young Engineers' Network (YEN) and Women in Building Services Engineering (WiBSE).

In 2021, CIBSE released two reports outlining the minimum design guidelines for mechanical and electrical services in the UAE and the KSA.

The reports particularly touched upon design considerations, practices and technologies that can increase efficiencies in building services, optimize energy usage, and empower engineers to pursue net-zero goals.

CIBSE’s emphasis on sustainability and net-zero emissions stems from a well-substantiated argument that buildings account for almost 50% of global GHG emissions. In response, association members have undertaken redressal actions in their respective markets worldwide.

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Kevin Mitchell, CIBSE President said: “CIBSE is essentially mobilizing building services stakeholders and aligning them on a path leading to a future where built environments will characterize sustainability, green energy, data-driven operations, and high liveability.

"CIBSE is well positioned to orchestrate the magnitude of multistakeholder participation required to achieve this feat. The upcoming CIBSE UAE Annual Awards is a perfect avenue to recognize exemplary professionals and encourage greater participation."

After pandemic-related disruptions last year, CIBSE UAE Awards is returning as an in-person event at the grandiloquent Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa, on 8th September.

A consultancy, a graduate, a young engineer, and a manufacturer from the MEP discipline will be felicitated with CIBSE UAE Awards. The event's Deluxe sponsors include Polypipe, THERMOBREAK, Leminar, CVS, and KAN-Therm. De Montfort University and Hisense HVAC are the Gold sponsors.

With the CIBSE Awards 2022 coinciding with the association’s 125th anniversary, President Kevin Mitchell and CEO Ruth Carter will be in attendance, in a first in the region.

The Awards are part of CIBSE’s motto of promoting careers in building services by rewarding exemplary performances. The association’s knowledge/resource portal empowers high achievers and prospects by facilitating a route to full membership.

At a time of great dynamism in building services, CIBSE’s impact in enabling collaborations and transnational knowledge flows, recognizing and rewarding high achievers, and mobilizing global stakeholders for sustainable transformation has been profound.

In the Middle East, where new buildings are being constructed in great numbers and existing stock is yearning for technology-led optimization, CIBSE UAE’s ambitious regional road map is a cause for celebration.

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