ENOWA Pioneers Environmentally-friendly Construction in Saudi Arabia

ENOWA Pioneers Environmentally-friendly Construction in Saudi Arabia

NEOM’s energy and water company uses helicopter-aided construction to install electrical energy transmission towers and mitigate environmental impact

ENOWA, NEOM’s energy and water company, has piloted helicopter-aided construction for the installation of high-voltage transmission line towers that carry electrical power from one point to another, as part of its mandate to build a 100% renewables-based energy system.

A first for Saudi Arabia, the initiative strengthens ENOWA’s credentials as a pioneering regional player in the implementation of ecologically friendly construction methods.

The individual tower parts are airlifted to the base of the transmission tower in the NEOM mountains, where they are assembled, removing the need to build carbon intensive access roads for trucks, cranes and other heavy equipment.

Thorsten Schwarz, ENOWA’s Executive Director of Power System Engineering, said: “Building the power grid transmission towers in the mountains of NEOM is an opportunity to set a standard for using this world-class method of construction, helping to offset environmental impact and preserve the integrity of the natural environment.”

Notably, the project was led by a Saudi engineer, a testament to ENOWA’s dedication to nurturing and championing leading talent from across the Kingdom.

Jumanah Almurdhi, Project Engineer, said: “In addition to allowing us to build NEOM’s infrastructure in harmony with nature, helicopter-aided construction will also be important for projects where the speed of delivery is a critical factor.

"It will minimize the time taken to deliver transmission towers, as well as the manpower and additional work that we normally require when building transmission towers using cranes.”

ENOWA delivered the project in partnership with Saudi Electricity Company, Al Sharif Group Holdings, Helicopter Express, Inc., and Al Rushaid Group.

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