Il Cuore Verde, Middle East’s First Vertical Forest Building

Il Cuore Verde, Middle East’s First Vertical Forest Building

Archplan Developments completes 60% of the Vertical Forest building

Egypt’s Archplan Developments has completed 60% of its $16 million ‘Il Cuore Verde’ commercial project in the New Administrative Capital.

The seven-storey project, spread over an area of ​​3,400 sq metres, includes 110 commercial units.

The external structure is expected to be realized in October while the entire project will be completed in 2026.

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The project appears to be the first building in the Middle East to incorporate the concept of ​​urban forest.

The initiative is in partnership with the Italian architect Stefano Boeri, who pioneered the concept in 2014 with the Bosco Verticale project in Milan, Italy.

Ahmed Ayman Ashour, CEO of Archplan Developments, said: "Il Cuore Verde’s sustainability elements are enhanced by solar-powered lighting and smart control of lighting and heat to reduce electricity consumption and carbon emissions."

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