Abu Dhabi DED Partners with Siemens Energy to Decarbonise Industrial Sector

Abu Dhabi DED Partners with Siemens Energy to Decarbonise Industrial Sector

Siemens Energy will support R&D for innovative technologies, including waste heat recovery, electrification solutions, grid technology and energy storage

Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), represented by Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), and Siemens Energy have partnered to further decarbonise Abu Dhabi’s industrial sector.

The collaboration supports Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy's vision to establish the emirate as the most competitive industrial hub in the region, driving the Green Falcon Economy and setting an example as a global leader in addressing climate change and promoting sustainability in the industrial sector.

As part of the agreement, Siemens Energy will support IDB to localise the manufacturing capabilities in Abu Dhabi and provide technological solutions to enhance the development and dissemination of carbon removal technology in the emirate’s industrial sector.

His Excellency Rashed Abdulkarim Al Blooshi, Undersecretary of ADDED, and Karim Amin, Executive Board Member at Siemens Energy, attended the signing ceremony.

ADDED will simplify the process of acquiring industrial licenses and incentives for businesses in Abu Dhabi, making it more accessible for them to enter the industrial sector and utilise the various opportunities.

ADDED will also play a significant role in promoting decarbonisation technologies by identifying and assessing ideal locations for their implementation, leading to a decrease in carbon footprint and promoting the sustainability and economic progress of Abu Dhabi.

Siemens Energy will support research and development for innovative technologies, including waste heat recovery, electrification solutions, grid technology and energy storage. Siemens will also support Abu Dhabi to localise manufacturing of decarbonisation solutions.

To increase awareness and ensure seamless implementation, Siemens Energy will conduct knowledge exchange and training workshops on decarbonisation technologies for industrial firms operating in the emirate.

Eng. Arafat Al Yafei, Executive Director of the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), said: “This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to sustainable development and underscores how Abu Dhabi is leading the way in adopting global innovative solutions for a low carbon future. It will support the growth of Abu Dhabi’s industrial sector and ensures we become a truly green Falcon economy.

“Abu Dhabi is soaring to new heights and increasingly becoming the preferred destination for talents, investments and businesses. This strategic partnership will strengthen the emirate’s position as a leading global hub for cutting-edge technologies and sustainable industries and ensure a diversified, smart, sustainable economy with human development at its heart.”

Both parties also committed to collaborating on initiatives that will localise technology and manufacturing projects focused on decarbonisation and renewable energy. This includes the establishment of research and development centres in Abu Dhabi which will create high-quality jobs.

Siemens Energy will strengthen the innovation community and support emerging companies to contribute to industrial technology trends.

Khalid Bin Hadi, Managing Director of the UAE at Siemens Energy, said: “As a long-term strategic partner to the UAE, we are dedicated to supporting the development of a flourishing, sustainable industrial sector in Abu Dhabi.

"With a legacy stretching back over 40 years in the country, Siemens Energy is playing a key role in the nation’s energy transformation by prioritising efficiency, decarbonisation, and digitalisation, with innovative partnership ventures.

"Together with ADDED, we will pursue our shared vision and mutual goal of developing a global, sustainable, innovative, industrial hub, centered on the development of human capital.”

Under this agreement, both parties commit to continuous knowledge exchange to enhance decarbonisation technological development in Abu Dhabi's industrial sector. They will also strengthen cooperation frameworks that support the Green Falcon Economy.

The work towards making Abu Dhabi a greener, more sustainable economy comes as part of the Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy (ADIS), led by the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB).

ADIS seeks to harness the latest innovative, green technologies to cement Abu Dhabi’s position as the Green Falcon Economy, accelerating the transformation of the emirate into the region’s most competitive industrial hub, while minimising its environmental footprint.

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