CBM Launches Groundbreaking New Title Sustainability Middle East (SME)

CBM Launches Groundbreaking New Title Sustainability Middle East (SME)

After building TLME into a vibrant title, I knew I’d be able to combine my experience in sustainability and build a new title: CEO Sam Khan

Dubai-based media and publishing company CBM Media has announced that it is to diversify its portfolio by launching a new title focused on sustainability in the Middle East region.

In an ambitious move, the new title, known as Sustainability Middle East (SME), will cover sustainability and green-related issues in a range of vital industries, such as construction and infrastructure, business and innovation, technology and digital innovation, and transport and logistics.

It is this latter industry that CBM has extensive experience in, with its prominent Transport & Logistics Middle East (TLME) title becoming a familiar name in the Middle East region for industry events, publications, roundtables and more in the transport and logistics arena.

SME is starting life with great fanfare via the following:

  • The 1-Billion Views Sustainability Initiative

  • 50 Leading Voices in Sustainability featured in the SME launch edition Publication

  • The SME Expert Panel Conference

  • The SME Excellence Awards & Gala Dinner

The above initiatives will see SME become a leading name in sustainability in the Middle East as the company aims to top 1 billion views of sustainability-related material.

CBM CEO Sam Khan has noted that this has been an important factor in making a move into sustainability: “Before I launched CBM, I actually worked in publishing on sustainability-related titles, so sustainability has always been close to my heart,” Khan said.

Sam Khan, CEO, CBM Media Group
Sam Khan, CEO, CBM Media Group

Adding: “After building TLME into a vibrant title, I knew I’d be able to combine my past experience in sustainability with the present contacts I have via TLME and build a new title that’s very important to myself and our region.

“Namely, this is to leave a positive mark by supporting companies and our region to become cleaner, greener, and healthier. The result is Sustainability Middle East, or ‘SME’ as a handy acronym.”

In launching SME, Khan has developed a core team of international editors to bring his vision to life, with publications, an online news service, and events planned for the near future.

The events include a conference that will cover the aforementioned areas and foster a thriving environment for innovation, thought-leadership, creativity and networking, and a dedicated awards ceremony celebrating the very best of the sector.

CBM has also released a charter that encapsulates the essence of SME, stating that its aim is to bring new energy to the sector with a threefold mission to:

  1. Inform the Middle East region with regard to the latest developments in sustainability

  2. To be a core driver of positive change

  3. To be a pioneer in bringing together key voices from academia and business to create a cleaner, greener, and healthier Middle East region

You can view all the latest developments, events, publications and more from Sustainability Middle East here https://www.sustainabilitymenews.com/

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