Chalhoub Group Commits to Net-zero by 2040 with Science-based Targets

Chalhoub Group Commits to Net-zero by 2040 with Science-based Targets

Chalhoub Group's 2022 Sustainability Report has been verified by an independent third party to improve alignment to global reporting standards

Chalhoub Group today announced the release of its annual 2022 Sustainability Report. The verified report announces the validation of 10-year science-based targets by Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi), to reduce their carbon emissions in line with Chalhoub Group’s net-zero by 2040 commitment.

The 2022 Sustainability Report highlights Chalhoub Group's commitments across three key pillars - People, Planet, and Partners – while showcasing how the Group’s material Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) topics integrate into its operations, and effectively contribute to organisational, national, and global sustainability agendas.

Achievements across the three key pillars included Chalhoub Group surpassing its Women in Leadership (WiL) Programme 2021 target for 30% of senior leadership positions to be held by women and has now set a new target of achieving 35% by 2024.

On the partners front, over 25% of Chalhoub Group’s supplier base has been assessed across United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) principles of transparency, labor and human rights, environment, and anti-corruption.

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Moreover, Chalhoub Group has committed to reducing absolute scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions 50.4% by 2032 from a 2021 base year; and to reducing absolute scope 3 GHG emissions, from purchased goods and services, upstream transport and distribution, upstream leased assets and investments, by 30% within the same timeframe.

The report also explains how Chalhoub Group is paving the way to net-zero emissions across all its operations by 2040 in alignment with local and global targets.

It also sheds light on the Group’s efforts in expanding the business into the wellness market and introducing products, services and platforms based on principles of the circular economy.

Additionally, Chalhoub Group is prioritising nurturing ethical and responsible partnerships to achieve common sustainability goals and establishing a strong Group-wide Health and Safety management framework.

On the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion front the Group’s unwavering commitment is translated through promoting gender balance as well as creating a welcoming environment for People of Determination (PoD).

Today the Group employs 18 People of Determination across its operations, and plans to launch PoD internship programme in UAE with a view of expanding to KSA in 2024.

Florence Bulte, Chief Sustainability Officer at Chalhoub Group said: "We have taken a significant step towards achieving the objectives of our Chalhoub Impact framework by strengthening the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into our business model.

"In 2022, our primary focus was paving the way towards being a Net Zero Group by 2040, in line with our commitment to tackling climate change. We also ensured that our 10-year carbon reduction targets have been validated by SBTi, which will accelerate the Group’s electrification and operational efficiency efforts”.


The 2022 Sustainability Report solidifies Chalhoub Group's dedication to prioritising the health, safety, and overall well-being of its customers, employees, partners, and communities.

Demonstrating a comprehensive approach, the Group has embraced a holistic strategy that champions people's well-being through a range of initiatives centered around the four pillars of well-being: Mental, Physical, Financial, and Social.

Furthermore, the Group is committed to cultivating an environment that ensures equal opportunities for all, actively working to enhance accessibility and inclusivity for People of Determination (PoDs) and promoting greater representation of women throughout the organisation.

The Group has equipped over 200 stores across the region with hearing loops to increase accessibility and inclusivity. Moreover, the Group has taken proactive measures to attract and retain young and local talent, appreciating their immense value to the organisation.

In line with this objective, Chalhoub Group has fully implemented its Servant Leadership principles, which has significantly contributed to the Group's recognition as the 'Best Place to Work' in seven countries.


The report outlines the Group’s commitment to working with suppliers and partners to ensure the application of the ethical and transparent business practices. This includes building ethical and responsible relationships, partnering for innovative and diverse business growth, and leading the way in the region’s wellness industry.

In 2022, Chalhoub ran a series of supplier engagement sessions to ensure the Group’s stance on conducting responsible business is echoed across their supply chain network. The report also revealed the launch of Chalhoub Group’s partner code, a comprehensive framework that guides the company’s interactions and collaborations with suppliers.

Through this code, the Group will set clear expectations and foster a shared commitment to sustainable practices throughout its supply chain.


The 2022 Sustainability Report also affirms the Group's efforts and constant commitment to spearheading the path towards Net Zero by 2040.

By aligning its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction targets with the standards set by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Chalhoub Group is actively contributing to the global mission of keeping temperature rises well below 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

With the urgency of the climate crisis in mind, Chalhoub Group is diligently working towards reducing its carbon emissions by embracing resource efficiency measures, circular strategies and renewable energy solutions. In doing so, the Group is leading by example and inspiring partners and suppliers to join the efforts in this vital transition.

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