Climatize CEO Welcomes Establishment of Dubai Environment & Climate Change Authority

Climatize CEO Welcomes Establishment of Dubai Environment & Climate Change Authority

Engi Jaber, CEO and Managing Director of Climatize, a Serco company, celebrates the greening of Dubai

Engi Jaber, CEO and Managing Director of Climatize, a Serco company, has welcomed the creation of the Dubai Environment and Climate Change Authority, seeing it as the start of a positive new era in the region.

Jaber stated that the news, “underpinned Dubai’s ambition to become one of the world's most environmentally resilient cities, setting an example for sustainable urban development for others to follow.”

She added: “This move is a major climate win for both humans and the planet. We applaud this proactive initiative, which is driving a forward-thinking approach towards addressing environmental challenges and fostering a more sustainable future for all.

“We believe it would set a global benchmark in environmental stewardship and inspire cities worldwide to accelerate the transition to sustainability.

“Additionally, it is anticipated to foster business and job opportunities that contribute to the Emirate’s economic development, therefore impacting a better future for residents as well as for the environment.”

Climatize’s mother-company Serco recently won the Game-Changer in Health, Safety & ESG Award at the recent TLME Game-Changers Awards Ceremony held in Dubai, marking the pedigree Climatize exists within.

Ms Jaber continued: "Taking bold steps and making commitments, underpinned by clear timelines is the only way that we will be able to create a more resilient, clean, healthy and sustainable city, inspiring others to follow the plans that our forward-thinking leadership set out.

“Dubai’s targets for clean energy, enhancement in air quality and expansion of green cover are ambitious, and to achieve this, companies must play their part in helping the Emirate to become a major player in sustainable urban development.”

Regarding the impact of the Dubai Environment & Climate Change Authority on the region, she added: “It’s no surprise that well planned cities, neighbourhood communities, buildings and interiors can reduce the cumulative impact of human activity on the environment through efficiencies of scale and appropriate environmental management.

“Regulating the built environment at a local, regional and global level is therefore vital as this helps to protect what was good from the past, enabling us to plan wisely for the future.

“Some of the specific initiatives companies should look at are green building, communities and cities management, regenerative strategies, greening and biodiversity policies, as well as climate resiliency and future-planning as part of their roadmap towards zero carbon, energy, water and waste.

Ms Jaber concluded: “By offering sustainable strategies and solutions, and by helping companies to deliver on these strategies and seeing them through, we are proud to walk the talk and preach what we practice in the move towards creating resilient urban environments.

“We support the Emirate’s journey towards a net zero future while promoting healthier environments, sustainable development, and resilient ecosystems for present and future generations.

“Doing the right thing by the planet is not a tick box exercise to comply with ESG goals; it is a moral imperative, and with the establishment of a new Authority to drive home the city’s sustainable ambitions, the time is now for every company to prioritise its climate protection efforts.”

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