Daikin Hosts “Towards a Sustainable Future” Seminar in the UAE

Daikin Hosts “Towards a Sustainable Future” Seminar in the UAE

Calls its partners to join forces to decarbonise cooling in the UAE

Daikin Middle East and Africa FZE (“Daikin”) hosted an event entitled "Towards a Sustainable Future" in the UAE to strengthen the confidence of the UAE partners in sustainable solutions and calls to join forces to decarbonise cooling in the country.

The event, which took place at Armani Hotel Dubai, showcases Daikin's latest innovative solutions for energy efficiency and IAQ, highlighting the urgent need to collaborate and act and the company's commitment to building a sustainable future.

The seminar was led by Masaaki Miyatake, Chairman and President at Daikin Middle East & Africa, and Samer Alawiah, Managing Director at Daikin UAE.

The event saw the attendance of over 300 partners and customers of Daikin, who had the opportunity to learn more about Daikin's solutions and discuss how they can implement sustainable HVAC-R systems.

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The event was also an opportunity to discuss the UAE's sustainability goals and how companies can contribute to building a sustainable future.

“As we approach COP28 and mark the UAE's Year of Sustainability, companies and individuals need to collaborate and contribute equally to the government efforts of decarbonization. We at Daikin being the leading provider of HVAC-R solutions are fully committed to accelerating the transition towards sustainable cooling in the UAE,” said Samer Alawiah, Managing Director at Daikin UAE.

“With the cooling systems in the UAE accounting for 60-65% of a building’s total energy consumption, building owners and operators must explore how they can reduce their carbon footprint, but it is also the responsibility of every household member to manage energy efficiently.”

According to the World Bank, between 1990 and 2016, the amount of energy used to cool spaces in the Middle East increased five-fold, from 25 terawatt-hours to 125 TWh.[1] These figures underscore the need for innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability.

With the reduction in HVAC energy consumption by 20-25%, customers can save 13-18% of their total energy bills.

Daikin's hassle-free solutions include ESCO models for total HVAC-R system replacement, subscription models for Cooling-as-a-Service, and bespoke models for industrial, commercial, and transport refrigeration.

These solutions are designed to suit each customer's specific needs and come with energy audits, comprehensive maintenance contracts, and remote monitoring solutions as standard, with optional system operations, automation/controls, turnkey solutions, and Daikin-on-Site connectivity (DOS). They are also transparent, with low or no CapEx.

“We at Daikin understand the investment that goes into implementing sustainable HVAC-R system design practices hence we make our solutions energy efficient to save on your electricity bills, but initial financing is crucial too. To close the financing gap, we have introduced partners for hassle-free financing, a crucial step to influence and support the decision of adopting sustainable cooling solutions serving the goal to decarbonise cooling,” Alawiah added.

In conclusion, Daikin’s commitment to sustainability and innovative solutions for energy efficiency and IAQ is crucial in the fight against climate change. By providing tailor-made end-to-end solutions for its customers, Daikin is paving the way for a more sustainable future for the generations to come.

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