Dubai Municipality Launches First Phase of Environmental Awareness Campaign

Dubai Municipality Launches First Phase of Environmental Awareness Campaign

The campaign targets to reach 500 enterprises and projects across Dubai by the end of 2023 instill environmental awareness among companies

Dubai Municipality has launched the first phase of its environmental awareness campaign for industrial and service enterprises to highlight significant environmental requirements and technical guidelines to be followed to minimize the negative impact on the ecosystem and protect various industries.

Aisha Al Muhairi, Acting Director of the Department of Environmental Sustainability at Dubai Municipality, underscored the remarkable potential of the Municipality’s awareness campaign in encouraging compliance of industrial and service enterprises with the environmental laws and legislations of Dubai.

In addition, she emphasized that the move reflects the Municipality’s efforts to develop a sustainable environmental system that highlights the principle of proactive environmental protection in the emirate and sustainability of its natural resources.

Al Muhairi, also stated that the campaign comes in line with the UAE’s environmental frameworks, and its goal of improving the quality of life and ensuring a sustainable environment that drives economic growth.

Furthermore, the campaign plays a significant role in supporting the objectives of the National Air Quality Agenda 2031 which seeks to mitigate pollution, ensure air quality improvement, and contribute to a safe and healthy environment.

Al Muhairi said: “In line with the campaign, Dubai Municipality will distribute environmental awareness leaflets to several industrial and service businesses operating in Dubai.

"These leaflets will include environmental guidelines to minimize adverse environmental effects caused by various operations, as well as technical guidance for issuing necessary permits.”

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