Gulf Contracting & Landscaping Unveils One of the UAE’s Largest Plant Nurseries

Gulf Contracting & Landscaping Unveils One of the UAE’s Largest Plant Nurseries

The expanded site in Al Rahba covers 1.25 million sqft with another 1 million sqft driving responsible production and propagation of plant life for local climates

Gulf Contracting & Landscaping (GCL), an Al Khayyat Investments (AKI) company, has unveiled one of the UAE’s largest horticulture nurseries in a move to further optimize local natural resources while serving its customers across the UAE and the GCC region.

The expanded nursery is located in Al Rahba, Abu Dhabi, covering 1.25 million sqft and holding more than a million plants that thrive within the local climate.

The facility has undergone remarkable growth since its formation in 2007, with GCL steadily acquiring adjacent nurseries in Abu Dhabi as well as developing sites in other emirates.

Today, GCL nurseries are home to over 300 varieties of plants, shrubs, trees, and ground cover for use in GCL’s landscaping projects as well as for external developments.

Along with the expanded Al Rahba site, GCL is enlarging its nurseries across the UAE and GCC, and is planning to build a new facility - set for completion in 2025 - that will span more than 1.5 million sqft.

The announcement comes at a time when the UAE is rapidly transforming its outdoor spaces and advancing green developments, embodied in recent plans such as the Dubai Quality of Life Strategy 2033, which includes developing over 200 parks in the emirate alone, and the Abu Dhabi 2030 Urban Structure Framework Plan, which aims to improve the liveability of the capital’s residents.

“At GCL, we are committed to playing an integral role in making the UAE greener in line with the leadership’s vision for enhancing quality of life,” said Rami Hamad, CEO of GCL.

“Moreover, we see great potential to provide local, sustainable solutions for such projects, using the latest engineering technologies to maximise efficiencies and preserve natural ecosystems.”

Today, GCL provides end-to-end expertise in site preparation, landscaping, infrastructure, civil works, aquatic works, design and fit out, allowing the company to create everything from manicured greens to strikingly designed public and private spaces.

GCL’s design and turnkey implementation capabilities span parks, streetscapes, public realms, residential community areas, as well as golf courses, sports fields, and cycling and jogging tracks.

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