Incentivise Businesses or Bring in Regulations to Drive Sustainability

Incentivise Businesses or Bring in Regulations to Drive Sustainability

Mentality of reaping return on investments fast is an obstacle on the road to sustainability

In the third session of SME 'Future of Sustainability: The Road to COP28' Conference, our panelists spoke extensively on topics ranging from incentivising businesses to legislations, gender equality to built environment and artificial intelligence.

The panelists were of the opinion that it is high time people start thinking more about the residential buildings and offices where we spend most of our times and ensure these spaces are sustainable.

Assess, Reduce, Replace and then Carbon Offset

It is time for Governments to either incentivise businesses or start imposing penalties or bring in regulations to drive sustainable practices among people, the experts agreed.

Panelists at the session were:

  • Maria Flouda, Founder and Managing Consultant, Sustainability Switch Consultancy

  • Rohan Chopra, Regional Director, Sustainable Infrastructure, Johnson Controls

  • Kivanc Karayol, Market Director & Electromobility Champion, Volvo Group

  • Mary Ndandi, Head of Marketing & Communications, Ehfaaz

  • Emma Barber, Managing Director, DGRADE

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