Markaz Issues 3rd Edition of Sustainability Report

Markaz Issues 3rd Edition of Sustainability Report

The report highlights strong performance in key ESGs during the period between 2020 and 2021

As part of its commitment to sustainability in operations, the Kuwait Financial Center "Markaz" has launched its third Sustainability Report.

The report highlights the organization’s strong performance in key Environmental, Social and Governance areas (ESGs) during the period between 2020 and 2021, together with disclosures pertaining to all relevant parties including shareholders, customers, and work teams.

The publication of the detailed report underlines Markaz’s commitment to ensuring transparency in communications regarding available opportunities and emerging risks, with a strong focus on how its operations have been successfully managed throughout pandemic.

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The new report was drafted in accordance with the latest international standards for sustainability reporting developed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), with the aim of showcasing Markaz's contributions to achieving global goals.

The report also aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), together with Kuwait's National Development Plan (KNDP) and Boursa Kuwait's sustainability indicators.

Deena Y AlRefai, Senior VP, Investor Relations at Markaz, said: “The report details the adaptation undertaken over the past two years to ensure greater resilience and agility in the face of rapidly changing market conditions.

"Most importantly, this report underlines Markaz’s remarkable capabilities to maintain business-as-usual during tough times, and bring added value to investors and the communities in which we operate.

"All while reflecting to the highest standards of governance and sustainability, which has been made possible thanks to our well-structured, proactive and dedicated teams.”

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