National Bank of Fujairah Leading by Example on sustainability

National Bank of Fujairah Leading by Example on sustainability

Industry-leading products, services and internal initiatives reducing carbon footprint and environmental impact

National Bank of Fujairah (NBF) is putting sustainability at the heart of its ESG agenda, taking decisive action both externally and internally to reduce its impact on the planet, and empowering individuals and communities across the UAE to do the same.

NBF’s retail business is already assisting its customers make the sustainable choice, by offering innovative, greener products and services. These include green personal loans and automotive loans for owners of fuel-efficient, eco-friendly cars.

NBF has also looked inwards, however, as it seeking to reduce its carbon footprint and mitigate its environmental impact. The installation of solar water heaters across its branches has resulted in energy savings of 960,000 KWH and a reduction of C02 emissions by 800,000kgs.

Fujairah Sustainable Community Project Showcased at Cityscape Dubai

Other green initiatives taken across NBF’s offices include installing solar panels to supply electricity, as well as solar-powered signage, replacing standard lighting with sensor-activated LED lights, and introducing recycling centres, electric car parking, and eco-friendly stationery made from wheat straw.

Hassan Ibrahim Saadi Al Rais, Chairman, CSR Committee, NBF said: “Sustainability is a key priority for us, and we are happy to back our words with action, by allocating resources towards initiatives that expand and accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices."

"NBF is now in the eighth year of its partnership with Emirates Nature-WWF, supporting conservation and survey work in the environmentally-sensitive Hajar Mountains through donations received in-branch.

"NBF has also partnered with Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) and Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network on campaigns to encourage recycling and reuse."

NBF actively supports the UAE Energy Strategy 2050 to transform the national economy to include more green initiatives, and its ESG agenda aligns with the sustainability pillars of the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

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