NBK Launches Awareness Campaign to Protect Marine Environment

NBK Launches Awareness Campaign to Protect Marine Environment

The campaign is a part of National Bank of Kuwait's strategic partnership with Kuwait Dive Team

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has launched an awareness campaign for protecting the marine environment and promoting the culture of maintaining its cleanliness.

The campaign, which is the largest of its kind, includes publishing a variety of awareness materials on all the bank’s social media platforms and digital channels on a weekly basis, as well as a number of tips and instructions for the public and beachgoers to preserve the marine environment.

This campaign comes as part of NBK’s strategic partnership with Kuwait Dive Team, and in line with its sustainability strategy and goals to preserve the cleanliness of the marine environment and protect the community.

On this occasion, Joanne Al-Abdul Jaleel, Senior Public Relations Officer at NBK said: “As environmental and climate change issues capture growing attention worldwide, the preservation of the marine environment in Kuwait has become an urgent matter that requires concerted effort.

“NBK always seeks to promote a culture of concern for the marine environment and to accentuate the importance of environmental issues and climate change, which has become the talk of the world in recent years.”

Al-Abdul Jaleel pointed out that this campaign comes in cooperation with the Kuwait Dive Team to protect the marine environment in Kuwait.

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To this end, NBK will publish a variety of tips and directions for the public, beachgoers and fishing enthusiasts, mainly on reducing the use of fuel, which raises carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, thus leading to water acidification.

The campaign also aims to raise awareness of the dangers of dumping plastic waste in the water, which results in pollution that threatens food safety and quality, as well as human health.

It urges the community to participate in beach cleaning activities with the concerned authorities, she explained.

NBK recently made many achievements in the sustainability area. The bank's headquarters was granted the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certificate, recognizing the improvement in all measured and reported environmental metrics.

This includes, reducing GHG emissions, and increasing recycled paper and plastic. NBK was also listed on Refinitiv AFE Low Carbon Select Index in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

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