New Version of National Air Quality Platform Inaugurated

New Version of National Air Quality Platform Inaugurated

The UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, National Center of Meteorology Launch Enhanced Version of National Air Quality Platform

Originally launched in September 2020, the National Air Quality Platform has been renewed. Accessible to the public, the site provides a real-time overview of the current status of air quality in the UAE.

The air status is monitored by a network of state-of-the-art stations spanning various residential, industrial, and rural areas as well as areas close to main roads. The information available on the platform can benefit multiple sectors, including health and education.

The air quality index is based on measuring the levels of five major pollutants – carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ground-level ozone, and particulate matter with a diameter of 10 microns or less (PM10).

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The index uses a scale of 0 to 500, with 500 representing the highest level of air pollution. The lower the number, the cleaner the air.

On the upgrade platform the data was simplified and displayed in a more user-friendly manner to make it easier to comprehend for the public. In addition, the site now features recommendations for outdoor activities based on air quality on any given day.

The National Air Quality Platform is available on NCM’s official website at

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