SME Announces Major New Partnership Focusing on ESG and Sustainability

SME Announces Major New Partnership Focusing on ESG and Sustainability

SME partners with leading name to promote sustainability and boost the Middle East region’s ESG agenda

SME News has announced a major partnership with strategic environmental, social and governance practice, Purpose&, in a bid to give sustainable business practices a huge boost in the Middle East region.

Under the brand-new partnership, SME News and Purpose& will work together to create greater awareness about critical environmental issues facing the world today and provide insights on how we can chart the path towards creating a more sustainable and equitable future.

SME can confirm that the two companies will produce “top quality content” which will include op-eds, interviews, industry analysis, white papers as well as other reports pertaining to sustainability and environment, social and governance (ESG).

With operations in the UAE and Europe, Purpose& helps organisations to re-position their brand in alignment with ESG commitments and credentials.

ESG has become a leading business consideration in recent years as companies and governments strive to build a cleaner and more inclusive world.

SME CEO Sam Khan said: “With a robust network within the sector, SME and Purpose& will foster new opportunities via SME digital platforms, newsletters, events, and other relevant forums.”

“As a specialised consultancy, Purpose& is committed to helping organisations transition their business models by integrating global ESG requirements, ensuring these are also practical and measurable at a local level.”, explained Noreen Nasralla, Purpose&’s Founder and CEO.

“Because of this, we’re really excited to bring some positive energy and positive change to the region.”

SME itself draws on years of experience in the sustainability arena, specifically in the Middle East, aiming to achieve its mission via a range of publications (both digital and in print), daily news and insight, as well as industry-leading events and special seminars.

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