SME Conference Preps for COP28 with Dedicated Sessions

SME Conference Preps for COP28 with Dedicated Sessions

Future of Sustainability: The Road to COP28 features a host of special sessions with sustainability tech expert Karl W Feilder to host

Sustainability Middle East (SME), a brand-new publishing arm of CBM Media, has announced that its upcoming conference, Future of Sustainability: The Road to COP28, is to feature a special session that focuses on the run-up to COP28, as well as a guest host, Mr Karl W. Feilder.

Mr Feilder is the Founder of The Neutral Group and Neutral Fuels, as well as a serial tech entrepreneur and business sustainability advocate.

The conference, which is to be held in Dubai, UAE, is set to take place on March 9, 2023.

The new conference will see the leading voices in business, academia, governance, and media join together to tackle the sustainability crisis together via a series of roundtables, presentations, debates, and brainstorming sessions.

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The event will focus deeply on global and regional issues, specifically with a view to the upcoming COP28, as SME builds on the platform from COP27 and looks to the future.

The conference will be attended by a selection of regional VVIP’s and government officials.

SME CEO Sam Khan said: “Given CBM Media, SME’s mother-company, has extensive experience in hosting major events in the Dubai region, the team and I feel readier than ever to host a ground-breaking event on sustainable change in the region.

“We’ve already secured several key names for the region for our publication, and this leads into a natural segue to our conference, which will be very much centred around the road to COP28.

“Henceforth, we aim for the conference to become the leading light in facilitating conversations on the key themes and challenges of our era, developing as a place to define policy, business operations and thought-leadership.”

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