SME to Host Major Sustainability Conference in Dubai

SME to Host Major Sustainability Conference in Dubai

"We aim for the conference to facilitate conversations on key themes and challenges of our era," Sam Khan, CEO, SME

Sustainability Middle East (SME), a brand-new publishing arm of CBM Media, is to launch a new industry-leading conference on sustainability entitled ‘The Sustainability Middle East Expert Panel Conference’.

The conference, which is to be held in Dubai, UAE, will see the leading voices in business, academia, governance, and media join together to tackle the sustainability crisis together via a series of roundtables, presentations, debates, and brainstorming sessions.

Given the event is to launch with the publication of SME’s inaugural title, 50 Leaders in Sustainability, the conference will see figures from the 50 leaders attend and take part in debates as regional and global experts.

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The conference will also be attended by a selection of regional VVIP’s and government officials.

SME CEO Sam Khan said: “Given CBM Media, SME’s mother-company, has extensive experience in hosting major events in the Dubai region, the team and I feel readier than ever to host a ground-breaking event on sustainable change in the region.

“Given we’ve already secured several key names for the region for our publication, this leads into a natural segue to our conference.

“We aim for the conference to become the leading light in facilitating conversations on the key themes and challenges of our era, developing as a place to define policy, business operations and thought-leadership.”

The conference will last one full day and see a number of sessions explored. For the full agenda of the conference, please follow this link:

For additional details or sponsorship enquiries please contact us via the following during working hours:

Tel: +971 4 559 5631


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