Speed up the Adoption of Sustainable Practices to Save the Planet: Ehfaaz

Speed up the Adoption of Sustainable Practices to Save the Planet: Ehfaaz

CCO of Ehfaaz Muhammad Danbappa contends that while the sustainability agenda and ideals are in place, implementation must move quickly

When it comes to putting sustainable measures into action on our path to a net zero future, speed is a crucial consideration. Initiatives, structures, and desire are all present, but we still need to pick up the pace, according to Muhammad Danbappa, CCO of Ehfaaz Recycling.

Mr. Danbappa was speaking at the SME-hosted Future of Sustainability Conference held in Dubai in March this year.

Karl W. Feilder, the Conference's host and moderator, asked Mr. Danbappa what more the government should do to advance towards the net zero goal.

Mr. Danbappa replied: "Adopting sustainable practises in our daily life and industrial sectors does not require us to wait another five to ten years. We are fully aware of the situation, and now is the time to act.

Mr. Danbappa used the encounter with a woman who was attending her 20th COP (COP27) in Egypt in 2022 to support his case. She was discouraged by the repeated discussion of the same subjects and the same promises, he claimed.

We can't afford to put it off much longer. The Ehfaaz CCO summed up: "It's time for action on the ground, or else we won't even have a chance to regret."

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