Tejarah Talks 2023: Sustainable Manufacturing is Smart Manufacturing

Tejarah Talks 2023: Sustainable Manufacturing is Smart Manufacturing

Today, a growing number of Omani manufacturers are treating sustainability as a key objective in their strategy: Maymuna Al Adawi

Manufacturers from across Oman are invited to attend Tejarah Talks first session of 2023, ‘Sustainable Manufacturing: Smart Manufacturing’ where the topic for discussion is the incorporation of environmentally friendly practices into business operations.

Scheduled for February 15, the evening’s discussions will be moderated by H.H. Sayyid Dr Adham Al Said, Managing Partner, The Firm while the panel includes Harssha Shetty, CEO, Jindal Shadeed, Mazin Al Rubaiai, Marketing Manager, Oman Aluminium Rolling Company and Haider Al Zaabi, Co-founder Mays EV.

Speaking ahead of the event, organizer, Maymuna Al Adawi, Director, Oman Business Forum said: “Today, a growing number of Omani manufacturers are treating sustainability as an important objective in their strategy and operations to increase growth and global competitiveness.

"In fact, this trend has gone well beyond companies who have traditionally positioned themselves as green and now includes small as well as medium-sized Omani manufacturers.”

Oman Sustainability Week Awards to be Held in March 2023

According to Al Adawi, one of the key benefits of sustainable manufacturing is the ability to cut energy usage and waste.

“By implementing sustainable business practices, Omani manufacturers can reduce their carbon footprint, become energy efficient and decrease overhead costs. This not only helps protect the environment but also saves companies money on energy bills.”

Al Adawai added: “It is worth noting that businesses with a robust sustainable record tend to have a stronger corporate brand value, attracting employees and investors and performing better financially through greater focus on innovation, operational efficiency and risk management.

"Conversely, businesses that fail to act on sustainability issues can potentially risk losing investor interest, as well as alienating consumers and top-notch talent, especially among Oman’s younger generations.

"Today’s business landscape is increasingly complex and consumer expectations around sustainability will only continue to rise. It is clear that manufacturers who fail to meaningfully incorporate sustainable practices into their operations and supply chains will suffer in the long-run.”

Tejarah Talks is organised by Oman Business Forum in association with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Investment Promotion and generously supported by Jindal Shadeed, the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Youth, Omantel and OmanFM.

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