Unprofessional Composting Can Compound Environmental Hazards: Ehfaaz

Unprofessional Composting Can Compound Environmental Hazards: Ehfaaz

Technological advancements have enabled us to convert any organic material into compost within 24 hours, says Muhammad Danbappa

According to Muhammad Danbappa, Co-Founder and CCO of Ehfaaz Recycling, improper and unscientific methods of composting on site can pose a major health risk and exacerbate waste management issues.

Speaking at the SME-hosted Future of Sustainability Conference in March 2023, Mr. Danbappa stated that although many F&B establishments in the UAE are interested in internally composting food waste, the legislation will not permit them.

Additionally, it involves an investment in the form of the purchase and installation of pricey machinery, he continued.

Another consideration is that, if the hotels and restaurants opt to compost on their own, they can end up producing more garbage than value-added material.

Mr. Karl W. Feilder, the Conference's host and moderator, questioned Mr. Danbappa about the possibility of generating more valuable products from food waste than only compost.

To this Mr Dabappa gave very optimistic reply: "Thanks to the technological advancements, at Ehfaaz we're able to convert any organic materials into compost within 24 hours, in the middle of Dubai, in a warehouse. Not in the industrial area.

"The secret to generating high-value components from organic waste is research, partnerships with technology providers, and the use of cutting-edge solutions."

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