Volvo Trucks Middle East and Turkey: End-to-End Sustainable Operations

Volvo Trucks Middle East and Turkey: End-to-End Sustainable Operations

Volvo Group connects the beginning with the end, from a linear business model to a circular one: Kivanc Karayol

Volvo Trucks in the Middle East and Turkey has a clear commitment to address and reduce its carbon footprint. This is not only with the products Volvo sells, but also through all business functions and processes, said Kivanc Karayol, Market Director & Electromobility Champion, Volvo Group.

In an exclusive interview with Sustainability Middle East (SME), Mr Karayol said that Volvo Trucks Middle East and Turkey is aligned to the Group's ambitions of reducing carbon emissions to 50% by 2030 and having a net-zero carbon emissions level by 2050.

"We are committed to driving and propelling a fundamental breakthrough in electrification. However, sustainability is not only about electromobility. For our market leading product offerings, we also invest in research and development of alternative fuels. We offer products which use the latest technology, not only in electromobility, but also in hydrogen, LNG, biodiesel, etc," he added.

Volvo Energy focuses on the reuse of batteries in product offerings and enabling second-life usage. From the development of charging and infrastructure solutions, to refurbishing, reusing, and recycling of state-of-the-art batteries, that power Volvo Group products.

Mr Karayol further said: "We aim to connect, the beginning with the end going from a linear business model to a circular one. As we are leading in the field of electromobility, we do have some challenges, that we strive to bridge daily.

"We have regular discussions with Government organisations, privately-owned companies, charging infrastructure suppliers, and our own local business partners, to create awareness among all stakeholders.

"I am extremely happy to be part of this journey that shapes the future that everyone of us wants to live."

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