World Economic Forum to Accelerate Multi-stakeholder Climate Action at COP28

World Economic Forum to Accelerate Multi-stakeholder Climate Action at COP28

The Forum will focus on key action areas including decarbonisation, net zero, energy transition, food, nature and innovative finance

The World Economic Forum will convene heads of state, ministers, business leaders, philanthropy and civil society to advance climate action at the 28th Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP28) at the Expo City Dubai, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Forum’s focus at COP28 is to address priority action areas including industry decarbonization and net zero, energy transition, food, nature and innovative finance.

Gim Huay Neo, Managing Director, World Economic Forum said: “We have to take a holistic approach to address the environment crisis, with people at the heart of the agenda, focusing on restoring and protecting nature ecosystems, strengthening community resilience in the face of water stresses and extreme temperatures, while stopping the pollution of our land, sea and water.

“Fostering a sense of inter-dependence, mutual trust and support as well as active collaboration between governments, the private sector, philanthropy, civil society and communities is needed to build a more harmonious relationship among communities and with the planet.

"COP28 is an opportunity for the World Economic Forum to provide a platform for multistakeholders to take stock on progress, enhance partnership efforts and explore new ideas and solutions together to safeguard our global commons.”

The discussions in Dubai will build on outcomes from the Forum’s Sustainable Development Impact Meetings 2023, which reflected on progress made on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and created momentum in addressing the climate and nature crises and advancing an inclusive energy transition.

As part of the COP28 programme, the Forum will hold several sessions aligned to the meeting’s thematic areas. Most of the sessions will take place at the COP28 Blue Zone, which is accessible to UNFCCC-accredited media.

Insights and initiatives

The following Forum announcements and publications will be released at COP28:

  • 22 Nov.: Net Zero Industry Tracker 2023

  • 22 Nov.: Financing Energy Transition Projects with Industrial Clusters in Europe

  • 26 Nov.: Biodiversity Credits: Demand Analysis and Market Outlook

  • 27 Nov.: Biodiversity Credits: A Guide to Support Effective Use

  • 29 Nov.: Launch of Scope 3 Action Plan from the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders

  • 29 Nov.: Navigating Article 6: Opportunities for the Middle East and North Africa

  • 30 Nov.: Grassroots to Boardrooms: Social Innovation Partnerships for Climate Adaptation

  • 30 Nov.: Catalysing Climate Action in Asia: Unlocking the Power of Philanthropic-Private-Public Partnerships

  • 30 Nov.: Policy Action to Mobilize Climate Finance and Market Responses

  • 1 Dec.: Taking Stock of Global Business Efforts on Adaptation

  • 4 Dec.: Joint Communiqué: CEOs from the Leaders for a Sustainable MENA Sign Joint Letter to Pledging Net Zero by 2050 and to Reduce 200MT CO2 Emissions by 2030

  • 4 Dec.: Roadmap for Enabling Measures for Green Hydrogen in the MENA Region

  • 4 Dec.: Fuelling the Future of Shipping: Key Barriers to Scaling Zero-Emission Fuel Supply

  • 5 Dec.: Circularity in the Built Environment: Maximizing CO2 Abatement and Business Opportunities

  • 5 Dec.: Using a People-positive Approach to Accelerate the Scale-up of Clean Power: A C-Suite Guide for Community Engagement

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