The inaugural edition of SME will see a host of VVIP’s, industry thought-leaders, sustainability specialists and elite academics join together in an exclusive edition that will lay down a new industry standard in sustainability in the Middle East.

The edition will be an introduction into SME’s aims, as well as its ability to foster vital conversations between fascinating people as we chart a path for a greener and cleaner Middle East.

One of the key themes behind the magazine will be uniting key industries around the theme of sustainability; by this we mean exploring how top industry names not only follow sustainable policies, but actively make it part of their brand lifestyle and identity.

On top of this we want to focus on how sustainability needn’t be about taking an approach of ‘cutting back’ out of fear, but instead, making positive progress with an upbeat attitude, seeing opportunities to make real change in our world while running successful, conscious businesses.

Below is an outline of what to expect with the first edition.


This section will offer a broad, mostly academic overview of the latest in sustainability and green energies. It is not limited to a specific industry, as the core focus is more of a ‘meta’ analysis of sustainable practices, innovations, political and social considerations, and sustainable developments in general. The aim of this section is to provide readers with cutting-edge insight into how to plan for the future, how to improve their operations now and to acquire a broad understanding of the subject area.

Sample papers include:

  • All in this together: Building a sustainable world
  • Where politics meets business: Mapping the line between public demand and innovation
  • What to expect for 2023


SME has been founded on the philosophy of bringing new vitality and energy to the sustainability industry in the Middle East, and this is exactly what we intend to do by featuring the top 50 sustainability leaders in the region.

By bringing together these leading voices, we intend to foster industry-leading thought that can see our region become the cleanest and greenest in the world.

The edition, which will be available in print and and in digital, will cover the key industries in the region and create a discourse between them, all with the aim of bringing together a powerful and united voice for the Middle East.


Technology and digital developments are key to the propagation of sustainable innovations, from automated business processes, to eliminating excess, to predictive analytics and more, this is a most verdant area for sustainability. This section will see a mix of academics, thought-leaders, and business executives pen papers on this topic.

Sample papers include:

  • At the razor’s edge: New developments in technology crafting a sustainable industry
  • Utilizing analytics: How to predict the future
  • 5 world-changing technology trends to look for in the next decade


The aim of this section is to produce a philosophy for key businesses and brands to not just adopt sustainable policies, but actively make this part of their identity, henceforth, it becomes a brand lifestyle rather than just a dimension of a business. This means sustainable practices echo in every area of a business, in how a brand thinks about itself, and how it presents itself to the modern business landscape. Sample papers include:

  • Net zero winners: How to be sustainable & successful
  • The modern sustainable brand: Green thinking at every level
  • Brands on the run: How businesses are falling fowl in public perception by missing social evolution


This section is centred around bringing more agency to companies in their sustainable efforts. It is about fostering a positive, can-do attitude over a negative attitude that can sometimes be seen in businesses regarding implementing sustainable practices. Papers in this section will be from a blend of academics and business professionals. Sample papers include:

  • Changing mindsets to change the world
  • Positive sustainability: Proving the doubters wrong & getting them on-side
  • Movers and shakers in the Middle East: 10 inspirational stories of business evolution


Transport and logistics is something of a specialty for CBM (SME’s mother-company) so this section will be packed with the most elite companies in the Middle East region exploring and explaining sustainable practices and developments across the industry. Sample papers include:

  • Sustainability at sea
  • Conscious air travel & air cargo
  • Mapping a new reality: How new logistics models can save our planet


One of the great benefits of business in the Middle East is that much of the logistics centres are relatively new, as well as there being lots of space for new developments. This means that we can plan infrastructure and construction projects with sustainability at the very core of what we do. Sample papers include:

  • Building the future Middle East: Construction projects on the way
  • Sustainable cities: How to create a unified smart municipality
  • Upgrading infrastructure: How to implement new technology on old buildings


This final section is a chance for us to explore the conscious and sustainable business practices from all manner of industries, including industries as diverse as agriculture and fashion. Second to that, it’s also an opportunity to explore practices affiliated with sustainability, such as social change and ESG developments. Sample papers include:

  • Building a conscious workforce
  • Style & sustainability
  • Creating a sustainable & inclusive working environment

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