Green Planet Dubai Announces Major Membership Achievement

Green Planet Dubai Announces Major Membership Achievement

The Middle East’s only indoor tropical rainforest gets new certification

The Green Planet Dubai, the Middle East’s largest and only indoor tropical rainforest, has announced that it has become a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA).  

Home to 3,000 plants and animals, The Green Planet Dubai proudly joins ranks of a select few institutions worldwide that hold the coveted EAZA Membership.

It also signifies The Green Planet Dubai's unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of animal husbandry, care, and welfare. 

Pablo Moragrega, Director of Operations, Dubai Holding Entertainment, said: “EAZA is internationally acknowledged as the gold standard in best practices for animal care, protection, and research.

"The Green Planet Dubai underwent a comprehensive four-year preparation process, resulting in an inspection by renowned international experts in various fields.” 

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Erik Rohrkaste, Curator at The Green Planet Dubai, said, “The EAZA membership underscores The Green Planet Dubai's dedication to its mission and its role as a global leader in the protection of endangered species.

"This recognition by EAZA is a testament to our commitment to the well-being of the animals under our care. We are honoured to join the ranks of esteemed institutions that share our passion for conservation and education.” 

As a member, The Green Planet Dubai gains access to EAZA ex situ programmes (EEPs), an EAZAendorsed management strategy and conservation programme, comprised of leading experts in the protection of endangered and threatened species. 

The membership also enables The Green Planet Dubai to actively participate in and contribute to vital conservation and population management programmes in collaboration with other esteemed zoological facilities worldwide. 

Furthermore, The Green Planet Dubai gets access to cutting-edge research, best practice guidelinesand protocols, the expertise of renowned scientists and participation in educational projects that further its commitment to wildlife protection and environmental stewardship.  

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