WSP Enhance Earth & Environment Leadership

WSP Enhance Earth & Environment Leadership

WSP Middle East announces appointment of Daymion Jenkins

Leading global consultancy firm WSP has announced that it has expanded its leadership in its prominent Earth & Environment advisory with appointment of Daymion Jenkins.

The move marks a bid to have an-ever improving specialist focus on the most pressing issue of our time - sustainability.

In early 2023, WSP was named as a 'prominent leader' in the Climate Change Consultancy realm following a study conducted by independent research firm Verdantix.

The consultancy firm made the top six ‘Leaders’ firms, demonstrating the most comprehensive climate change consulting capabilities. 

WSP noted in a statement that Daymion has been brought in with "...a view towards leveraging this success," with Daymion bringing "a wealth of experience to further reinforce WSP’s footprint in the field of environmental services."

That footprint has made a major impact on the Middle East, as per the tweet below:

Daymion Jenkins, Director of Earth & Environment, said: “I’m very excited to be joining WSP in the Middle East at such a pivotal evolution in the Earth & Environment practice.

"I am looking forward to supporting the team across the region, leveraging my links with WSP’s global environmental networks to support local delivery.

"This is a key stage for growing the regional team and our capability to provide clients the full range of environmental services and support from design through to construction delivery.”

Kathleen McGrail, Managing Director, Advisory Services said: “Daymion brings decades of international leadership experience and technical expertise to our Middle East Earth & Environment team.

"I am confident that he will be instrumental in our continued drive for growth, with a particular focus on launching new services in our core markets, KSA and the UAE.”

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