Mohamed Bin Rashid Library Showcases Saint-Gobain's Expertise

Mohamed Bin Rashid Library Showcases Saint-Gobain's Expertise

The world’s smartest electrochromic glass installed in the largest cultural project in the Arab world

SageGlass, the world’s most intelligent, electrochromic glass company production, acquired by Saint Gobain in 2012, installed its smartest electrochromic glass in the Mohammed bin Rashid Library ready to be opened to the public on 16 June.

Born as a project of the Dubai Municipality, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is going to be the largest cultural project in the Arab world.

Designed by Architectural Consultancy Group (ACG) and constructed by ASGC, the project will encompass the latest technologies, including the innovative solution for controlling daylight and glare provided by SageGlass.

The company made up 72% of the project’s total glass elevation which can be programmed to tint automatically to the appropriate level of transparency in response to the sun, or it can be controlled manually via a smartphone application.

By blocking the sun as needed on hot days, the advanced system contributes to the building’s energy savings, helping the project obtain certifications through green building rating systems such as LEED and Al Safat.

SageGlass innovative glasses also regulate the heat gain. In this way less energy and money is used to keep the building cool. The smart glasses also blocks 100% of the UV radiation, and the books kept in the library are fully protected.,

Already recognized in the Middle East region as one of the most relevant players in providing sustainability benefits, SageGlass optimizes thermal comfort inside and reduces the need for air conditioning and therefore energy consumption.

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