Powertech's EV Charge Point Management Software Optimizes Energy Usage

Powertech's EV Charge Point Management Software Optimizes Energy Usage

ELVIS helps pair EV infrastructure hardware with advanced software by acting as a centralized management tool

Powertech Mobility is empowering Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and EV owners to optimize their energy usage and gain insightful data on the charging activities of their electric vehicles through a unique charge point management system named ELVIS (Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Solution).

The firm has customized the software to the UAE EV segment in coordination with Numocity Technologies - a leading Indian-based digital platform for EV charging which is part owned by the e-mobility division of global EV charging solutions firm ABB.

Powertech Mobility is the official SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) reseller of ELVIS representing Numocity’s localized software in the UAE.

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Operating with a subscription-based business model, ELVIS helps pair EV infrastructure hardware with advanced software by acting as a centralized management tool to share information on users' EV charging habits and address their energy efficiency decisions, thereby facilitating a convenient, sustainable and economical solution to manage smart and sustainable electric mobility in the UAE.

Launched in April 2021 for B2B and B2C sectors, ELVIS has been implemented in multi-use scenarios ranging from data monitoring for fleet operators, EV charging services for residents in high-rise towers and billing management for public users.

Key features include the software being hosted on Microsoft Cloud in the UAE, its vendor-agnostic element allowing interoperability among various IT systems and its ability to handle over 1,000 charge points offering immense scalability.

The solution can even be white labelled to adapt to customer branding identities. Powertech Mobility has also partnered with Network International, a leading UAE-based technology-enabled payment gateway solutions provider, to facilitate secure and seamless operations in billing management for ELVIS' users and operators.

The software features a host of other functions that empower CPOs and EV owners to manage all their EV assets across different locations once linked to it. Users can monitor the real-time status of their EV chargers (including charging session durations) and study their energy consumption to minimize downtime at charge points.

Likewise, customers can manage their invoicing and fault reports all on one platform and lower costs from automatic data collection, timely alerts, and engaging in necessary maintenance based on historical trends.

ELVIS also offers CPOs access to a mobile application to share their network of assets with end-users, thereby enabling end customers to easily locate and use the charging stations.

Moreover, RFID-enabled users can interact with the RFID-enabled charging equipment and pay for their charging session using the mobile application.

ELVIS currently operates across 20 charging points in the UAE and has over 100 active users.

Arthi Srinivasan, Director of EV Charging Solutions at Powertech Mobility said: “Our aim through ELVIS is to help charge point operators optimize their electric vehicle supply equipment by monitoring and monetizing the service through real-time data.

"Managing demand through peak and off-peak pricing is another unique feature that will further improve their return on investment."

Vinay Premachandran, Director of Sales at Powertech Mobility said: “The versatility of ELVIS allows for B2B operation and B2C operations. Our target audiences include fleet operators, developers and property management companies, residents of high-rise buildings, and public users to mention a few.

"So far, our customers have had seamless experiences and we have received feedback signaling that ELVIS is well-suited for an independent EV charging service. This aligns with the local market as charging stations in the UAE are positioned for self-service.

"Therefore, everything from the billing process to the user interface for initiating and terminating a charging session is user-driven."

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