Aramex Leading from the Front, Helping Startups Thrive

Aramex Leading from the Front, Helping Startups Thrive

Aramex has been able to reach over 6,000 Startups and SMEs through the Startup Support Program

Multinational logistics, courier, and package delivery major Aramex has been committed to supporting a sustainable startup ecosystem, backed by a neatly drafted strategy.

Based on the idea of supporting innovative startups to grow, the Aramex Startup Support Program has been able to reach over 6,000 Startups and SMEs, since its inception.

Elaborating on the program, Aramex stated: "We are responsive and proactively identifying new ways to support startups and SMEs and develop solutions suitably.

"Projections and statistics reveal that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups are significant to the global economy. Working with these firms will ensure a sustainable future."

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The Startup Support Program, is aligned with social aspects of sustainability and falls under the entrepreneurship pillar of “delivering good”.

Since Aramex is an entrepreneurial-inspired business, the company understands the importance of supporting bright ideas, which would eventually make a positive impact.

The company further stated: "We recognize the important role entrepreneurship plays in socioeconomic development.

"Our entrepreneurial roots allow us to understand the unique challenges that startups and small businesses might face on their path to growth and success, which is why we continue to focus on entrepreneurship as part of our business and corporate activism strategy."

Aramex is aiming to foster strong partnerships with other private sector companies, local government institutions, NGO and other stakeholders in order to generate shared value with SMEs.

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