Bentley Launches New Limited-Edition Model

Bentley Launches New Limited-Edition Model

Batur showcases a new design that will guide the design of Bentley’s future range of Battery Electric Vehicles

Bentley Motors has unveiled the Bentley Mulliner Batur – a new two-door grand touring coupé that embodies the start of a design revolution at Bentley.

Created by Director of Design Andreas Mindt and his team, the Batur showcases a new design DNA that will ultimately guide the design of Bentley’s future range of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs).

The collection of just 18 series examples of the Batur is the latest project by Bentley’s in-house bespoke and coachbuilding division, Mulliner, and succeeds the Bacalar that relaunched coachbuilding at Bentley. Like the Bacalar, the Batur is named after a beautiful natural body of water.

The Batur will also be the most powerful Bentley yet, with a 740+ PS version of the iconic, hand-assembled 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12 engine that has metaphorically and literally powered Bentley’s success for the last two decades.

Engine performance will be matched to the most advanced Bentley chassis ever, with Speed-tuned air suspension, electric active anti-roll control, eLSD, four-wheel steering and torque vectoring. All 18 examples of the Batur have already been reserved.

The Next Exceptional Mulliner Project

Mulliner’s in-house design team will co-create every Batur with its customer, working together for several hours through a specially-created Mulliner visualiser that allows any part of the car to be customised in colour and surface finish.

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The interior of the launch Batur has been trimmed by hand in a stunning combination of black, red and orange – specifically, Beluga hide contrasted with Hotspur and sustainable low CO2 Mulliner Hyperactive Orange leather.

The veneers to the Instrument Panel, fascias and doors are Gloss Black painted, with a ‘guitar fade’ to Fine Brodgar that flows from the fascias to the doors, before fading back to black.

The fascia is completed with a unique piece of art – a laser-etched sound wave, which represents the unique sound generated by the W12 engine.

The Mighty W12

The Batur features the most power engine yet fitted to a Bentley. The 6.0-litre W12 that started the rebirth of Bentley with the Continental GT in 2002 has been through several design iterations since, and is now the most advanced twelve-cylinder engine in the world.

For the Batur, a new intake system, upgraded turbochargers, new intercoolers and extensive recalibration more than 740 PS and 1,000 Nm of torque, to deliver exceptional performance for this new pinnacle grand tourer.

Over its 20-year development, the engine now produces nearly 40% more power while fuel economy has improved by 25%. The Batur’s W12 is paired with Bentley’s eight-speed double-clutch transmission, and a sports exhaust to provide a soundtrack in keeping with the level of performance.

A Chassis System to Match

The most powerful and exclusive Bentley coupe to date, the Batur will also be the most dynamic. Adaptive three-chamber air springs each have three switchable chambers, changing the volume of the air spring and so its effective stiffness.

The driver can select the balance between ride comfort and body control using the four-mode Drive Dynamics Control in the centre console.

The driver can choose between Sport, Bentley, Comfort and Custom, which also changes the behaviour of the 48V electric active anti-roll control system, providing up to 1,300 Nm of anti-roll torque in 0.3 seconds or completely decoupling the wheels at either end of each axle.

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