IMO Announces Agenda for 2nd Symposium on Low and Zero Carbon Fuels

IMO Announces Agenda for 2nd Symposium on Low and Zero Carbon Fuels

Ensuring a just and inclusive transition towards low-carbon shipping

The International Maritime Organisation will be holding the second symposium on low and zero carbon fuels on October 21, 2022. While the event will be held at the IMO headquarters in London, participants can also join it virtually.

The symposium will focus on "Ensuring a just and inclusive transition towards low-carbon shipping".

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The IMO on Tuesday, announced the programme topics and a detailed agenda for the symposium.

Overcoming barriers to global access to low- and zero-carbon marine fuels

  • Outlook: Shipping's future energy demand projections to 2050

  • Scaling up renewable energy production for shipping: case studies

  • Improving the global availability of future marine fuels through the development of renewable energy bunkering infrastructure

  • Price considerations of alternative low- and zero-carbon marine fuels

  • Reinforcing links between the energy sector and shipping: Clean Energy Marine Hubs

Opportunities of the fuel transition for developing countries

  • Fostering renewable energy production in developing countries

  • Involvement of developing countries in inclusive route-based action plans: enhancing global availability of low-carbon marine fuels and technologies

  • Trade perspectives on shipping decarbonization

  • Shipping supporting the world's overall energy transition: exploring new export opportunities

How to accommodate a just and equitable transition towards low-carbon shipping

  • Specific opportunities for SIDS and LDCs: improving access to climate finance for mitigation and adaptation in the most climate vulnerable countries

  • How to allocate revenues of carbon pricing instruments: the example of port and renewable energy infrastructure development

  • Building a green and resilient low-carbon shipping economy: job creation, attractiveness, skill development and capacity building

  • Access to technology and retrofitting

The symposium will focus on the challenges and opportunities that renewable fuel production represents in the context of shipping decarbonization, particularly for developing countries, and the need for enhanced cooperation at all levels to support this global transition.

The symposium will be open to all Member Governments, IGOs, NGOs and the general public.

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