Launch of MOTOR's Electric Car-Sharing in the UAE

Launch of MOTOR's Electric Car-Sharing in the UAE

MOTOR provides access to electric vehicles (EVs) through its app Motor Share

MOTOR, the electric vehicle car-sharing platform has now been launched in the UAE. The platform aims to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility in the UAE through flexible and convenient electric car-sharing.

MOTOR Share app offers users short and long-term options at affordable prices. Customers can rent a vehicle by the hour or for up to two years.

The platform includes parking in all RTA public locations across Dubai, cost-free EV charging, insurance and additional artificial intelligence features as the ‘safety score’, which will reward safe drivers and warn drivers at risk.

Courses on Electric Public Transport and Business Intelligence Held

MOTOR's fleet will include the Tesla Model 3 and, shortly, the Tesla Model Y, as well as those from other manufacturers.

Hamad AlMazrooei, co-founder of MOTOR, said: “As the UAE moves towards reinforcing its resolve to fight climate change through the ambitious ‘UAE Net Zero 2050’, more and more businesses and residents are looking to convert to electric vehicles.

"Our goal at MOTOR is not only to further accelerate the sustainable transition to EVs, but we also want to make sustainable mobility more accessible, affordable, and flexible”.

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