Lufthansa Joins First Movers Coalition to Drive Global Development of Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Lufthansa Joins First Movers Coalition to Drive Global Development of Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Coalition comprises 76 companies with $12 billion in 2030 purchase commitments for green technologies

The World Economic Forum has announced an expansion of the First Movers Coalition (FMC), a global coalition to decarbonize hard-to-abate industries.

Lufthansa Group has joined the First Movers Coalition (FMC) aviation sector as the first European airline group to drive the development of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

The World Economic Forum made this announcement on expansion of the FMC, a global coalition to decarbonize hard-to-abate industries, with Lufthansa joining the coalition.

The latest expansion of the coalition focuses on cleaning up one of the world’s most carbon-intensive industry sectors through purchasing commitments for low-carbon technology.

The FMC has asked for ambitious commitments for airlines, airfare and air-freight purchasers, aircraft manufacturers, fuel producers and airports. Aviation accounts for over 2% of global energy-related CO2 emissions and it is critical that the sector works with governments to make zero-emissions aviation a reality.

Members of the FMC aviation sector commit to replacing at least 5% of conventional jet fuel demand with SAF, which reduces life-cycle GHG emissions by 85% or more when compared with conventional jet fuel, and/or using zero-carbon emitting propulsion technologies by 2030.

Masdar-led Consortium to Certify Pathway for Making SAF from Methanol

Speaking during the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue Conference, Nancy Gillis, Head of the FMC, said: “We need to accelerate the decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors and long-haul transport.

"As the Secretariat of the First Movers Coalition, the World Economic Forum is seeking to leverage the power of demand to increase the supply of near-zero emission solutions. Lufthansa’s commitment sends a powerful signal in the development of SAF.”

Christina Foerster, Member of Lufthansa Group's Executive Board for Customer and Corporate Responsibility, said Lufthansa is the first European airline group to join the coalition.

“This underpins our commitment to drive the development, market introduction and use of sustainable aviation fuels. Sustainable aviation fuels are a central element of our CO2 reduction roadmap by 2030, which was validated by the independent Science Based Targets initiative.”

Foerster also emphasized the importance of green hydrogen for the energy transition in aviation.

Lufthansa joins existing members of the FMC aviation sector, including Airbus, Boeing, Delta Airlines and United Airlines.

The First Movers Coalition was launched by US President Biden and the World Economic Forum at COP26 to decarbonize heavy industry and the long-distance transport sectors responsible for more than one third of global emissions.

The global initiative, made up of 76 businesses, works to harness the purchasing power of companies to decarbonize seven hard-to-abate industrial sectors that currently account for 30% of global emissions: aluminium, aviation, chemicals, concrete, shipping, steel and trucking, along with innovative carbon-removal technologies.

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