RTA Deploys Electric Abras to Serve Global Village Visitors

RTA Deploys Electric Abras to Serve Global Village Visitors

By offering an opportunity to board a transit means powered by renewable energy, RTA generates a positive experience

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will begin operating electric abra tourist services for visitors to Global Village on Tuesday, 25 October, in conjunction with the start of the Village's 27th season (2022 – 2023).

Mohammed Abu Bakr Al Hashemi, Director of Marine Transport, Public Transport Agency, RTA said that RTA is always keen on running the electric abra service with the start of the Global Village season every year, especially as abras had proved extremely popular among visitors.

"By offering riders an opportunity to board a transit means powered by renewable energy, we intend to generate a positive experience that will contribute to the growth of tourist numbers in the Global Village," he stated.

The positive response is evident from the huge footfall of residents & visitors.

RTA Starts Operating Two Electric Vehicles to Chart Digital Maps

“We approved a plan to operate two electric abras to serve guests of the Global Village this season. The service proved extremely popular amongst visitors over the past seasons,” added Al Hashemi.

“Each year, the Global Village plays a vital role in enhancing Dubai's tourism during the winter season. RTA is committed to growing tourist numbers by running a wide range of public transport services, including marine transport represented by abras, Dubai Ferry, Water Bus and Water Taxi."

Marine transport means are part of RTA’s core services. They are particularly appealing to tourists, as riders will savour the picturesque views and the iconic landmarks of the city during their journeys in Dubai, besides the smooth and enjoyable rides.

RTA’s marine transport means were designed by renowned boat manufacturers at top global standards. All amenities are available on board, and safety and security measures are in place.

They also feature designated spaces for people of determination as well as spaces for bikes and scooters to facilitate integration between different transport means and support soft mobility.

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