Sipchem to use Sea/ to Track and Reduce Maritime Carbon

Sipchem to use Sea/ to Track and Reduce Maritime Carbon

Sipchem has chosen Sea/ to track the CO2 output from its seaborne transportation activities

With increasing emphasis on carbon output as part of environmental global scrutiny, the shipping industry’s carbon emissions have come into focus.

Sea/, the leading freight SaaS company, is announcing today its newest carbon client, Sipchem, one of the top petrochemical companies globally.

Sea/’s carbon module is central to voyage CO2 footprint predictions and reporting, set to help the company uphold internal and global standards of sustainability.

Importantly, it will also allow Sipchem to automatically embed carbon clauses within contracts to enforce carbon goals, something that is increasingly becoming a “must have” in the maritime sector.

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As a leader in sustainability in Saudi Arabia, Sipchem has chosen Sea/ to track the CO2 output from its seaborne transportation activities and streamline its process to meet its carbon emissions goals.

This is part of the company’s mission to establish an end-to-end emission tracking system to inform its decision-making process.

Sea/ was chosen for its exceptional data integrity and value, having a unique, industry-leading data source, and for its capability to validate data automatically and actively respond to customer needs.

Turki Asiri, Head of Logistics of Sipchem, said: “As a leader in sustainable polymer and petrochemical products, we are actively looking for ways to minimise our carbon footprint.

"With the shipping industry accounting for 3% of world’s emissions, Sipchem is using Sea/ to collect, monitor, track, and support decisions to reduce its carbon output and, in doing so, lead the way for other companies conducting voyages in Saudi Arabia and across the industry.”

Peter Schrøder, CEO of Sea/, said: “Carbon emissions are the centre of attention worldwide as we strive to limit the global temperature increase to under 1.5 °C as targeted by the Paris agreement.

"Our solution is aimed at the shipping industry: a global network inextricably tied to this global concern.

"Our Sea/ carbon module allows users to accurately predict output, thus informing their decisions, visualise how voyages might perform against their goals and model new alternatives to ensure limits are met.”

Sea/ can help companies reduce their carbon output by hundreds of thousands of tonnes.

Using intelligent prediction and calculating, companies can make informed decisions at the point of transaction whilst their capturing, monitoring, and reporting of data, provides companies with a unique perspective of how this output can be minimised with future voyages to stay in line with targets.

As more carbon regulations are enacted in the shipping space, companies need an adaptable solution which provides accurate data capture and validation.

Without this intelligent overview, companies tend to experience data gaps, hindering visibility and missing on the full potential of meeting their sustainability goals.

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