Sustainability Integrated to All Segments of Operation: AD Ports Group

Sustainability Integrated to All Segments of Operation: AD Ports Group

AD Ports Group innovatively balances the 3Ps of sustainability - people, planet and profit

AD Ports Group's adaptibility and commitment towards maintaining the highest international sustainability standards is a constant, says Eiman Al Khalaqi, VP - Innovation SG, AD Ports Group.

In an exclusive conversation with Sustainability Middle East (SME), Ms Al Khalaqi said: "With every challenge faced, we carefully create plans and strategies to meet our sustainability standards."

AD Ports Group has put together a Sustainability Task Force to support climate action priorities identified by the AD Ports Group Sustainability Committee.

This approach has allowed the development of several initiatives which promote clean energy, sustainable growth and vibrant ecosystems.

Sustainability is a global topic that impacts the environment, people and businesses. It is not only limited to big corporations but also a duty everyone should own, asserts Ms Khalaqi, further adding: "For us at AD Ports Group, sustainability is integrated into every segment of our operation.

"We look to balance the 3 Ps of sustainability - People, Planet and Profit aligning with the local and global sustainable development agenda."

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