UAE-based Shipping Major and Eco Marine Power to Jointly Conduct Eco Ship Study

UAE-based Shipping Major and Eco Marine Power to Jointly Conduct Eco Ship Study

Companies will explore together the use of renewable energy as a source of zero emissions power onboard ships

A major shipping company based in UAE and Eco Marine Power (EMP) of Japan have agreed to undertake a joint Eco Ship technical study related to renewable energy solutions for ships including Aquarius Marine Solar Power, EnergySail® and Aquarius MRE®.

The study will also include investigating innovative methods to improve energy efficiency onboard ships via the use of energy saving devices including propeller modifications and the use of more energy efficient electrical devices.

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Additionally, these companies will jointly evaluate the performance of an Aquarius Marine Solar Power system that will be supplied by EMP and is currently being installed onboard a ship in their fleet.

Several maritime technology providers will also support the study including Furukawa Battery & KEI System.

Initially the study will focus on a geared Handymax vessel and incorporate design elements of the Aquarius Eco Handymax design concept.

However fleet-wide solutions will also be investigated in areas that may lead to improvements in vessel energy efficiency plus lower operational costs and improve safety.

Greg Atkinson, president, Eco Marine Power said: “This study project along with the installation of equipment is a great opportunity for Eco Marine Power and our partners to demonstrate the technologies and solutions we have been developing for a number of years.

"This includes Aquarius Marine Renewable Energy which was granted Approval-in-Principle by ClassNK in 2021.”

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