ADDED & HYCAP Group to Establish Renewable Energy Industrial Complex

ADDED & HYCAP Group to Establish Renewable Energy Industrial Complex

The agreement will also see the two organisations establish an industrial complex in Abu Dhabi with the involvement of local partners

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) and HYCAP Group, a net zero asset management company, have partnered to develop the production, storage, and transport of green hydrogen, spearheading the transition to net zero in line with the UAE Net Zero Strategy 2050 and the National Hydrogen Strategy.

The agreement between ADDED and HYCAP Middle East will also see the two organisations establish an industrial complex in Abu Dhabi with the involvement of local partners. The complex will specialise in industries related to hydrogen and advancement of renewable energy sources, aiming to attract and establish more industrial companies and bolster the value chains within this sector.

The UAE’s National Hydrogen Strategy aims to make it a top 10 producer of green hydrogen by 2031 with an output target of 1.4 million tonnes per year. The UAE plans to establish hydrogen hubs to accelerate industry adoption of hydrogen, cultivating a supply chain and enabling infrastructure.

Through the partnership, the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), ADDED’s arm to develop and regulate the industrial sector, and HYCAP will work together to establish an industrial complex in Abu Dhabi for the development of renewable energy sources, an electrolysis plant, a hydrogen storage facility, and hydrogen tankers for transportation.

The complex will contribute to the development of Abu Dhabi’s sustainable industrial sector and the goals of the Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy (ADIS), which seeks to develop value chains for targeted sectors.

HYCAP will also work on creating a robust ecosystem of industries in Abu Dhabi that revolve around the hydrogen industry and clean energy infrastructure.

This includes the establishment of clean hydrogen production facilities, clean hydrogen storage and transport, an electrolyser manufacturing facility, electrical charging manufacturing, fuel cell manufacturing, as well as developing bus and truck manufacturing facilities.

The strategy is to align supply and demand for hydrogen locally, scaling up to create a viable proposition for export sales growth. HYCAP is actively seeking to attract global industrial companies specialising in this field to their industrial complex in Abu Dhabi.

Arafat Al Yafei, Executive Director of the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), said: “We are delighted to have signed this agreement with HYCAP, which is an important step along the road to make AD the most competitive industrial hub in the region. This is part of the partnerships we are building with leading global powerhouses to enable our manufacturing sector to achieve the Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy’s (ADIS) goals.

“ADIS is guiding our efforts to accelerate the growth of the industrial sector and its transformation to Industry 4.0 methods and techniques, placing sustainability and human development at its core. The strong performance of the industrial sector in 2023 reflects continued success of ADIS initiatives as the sector now contributes over 17% to the Abu Dhabi’s non-oil GDP and 9% to the overall GDP.”

Jo Bamford, Chairman and Founding Partner of HYCAP Group, said: “We opened our offices in the UAE to place HYCAP Group at the centre of the world’s emerging green hydrogen hubs.

The UAE is leading the transition to clean, renewable energy and this agreement with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development is a demonstrable example of the commitment in the region to grasp the opportunity this presents.”

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