BEEAH Launches Recycling Facility with Robotics & AI

BEEAH Launches Recycling Facility with Robotics & AI

At full operational capacity, the new recycling facility will process around 156,000 tonnes of mixed recyclables per year

BEEAH Recycling, the pioneering waste processing and material recovery business under BEEAH Group, has launched a new recycling facility.

The Commercial and Industrial (C&I) waste recycling facility is the tenth and latest addition to BEEAH Recycling’s Waste Management complex, which is aiming to help Sharjah achieve 100 percent landfill waste diversion this year.

The C&I recycling facility is the first of its kind in the region, with a robotics and AI system that automatically detects, identifies and separates different types of waste.

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It will supplement the waste processing efforts at BEEAH Recycling’s Material Recovery Facility, the largest facility of its kind in the Middle East and the third largest in the world.

With the addition of the AI and Robotics-enabled C&I recycling facility, BEEAH Recycling is set to enhance efficiency of material recovery and increase landfill waste diversion.

Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of BEEAH Group, said: “We are proud of the latest development at BEEAH Recycling, which aligns with our Group’s vision to pioneer a sustainable quality of life for all.

We believe that achieving zero waste to landfill future is a cornerstone for tomorrow’s sustainable, smart cities, and we look forward to achieving this goal for Sharjah."

Over ten different types of material will be recovered from the C&I recycling facility, including Aluminium, HDPE, plastic car parts, wood, tyre, PET, polypropylene containers and sacks, paper and carton, metals and mix film.

At full operational capacity, the C&I recycling facility will process around 156,000 tonnes of mixed recyclables per year, translating to about 500 tonnes of waste per day.

This level of productivity is supported by the facility’s integrated AI and robotics system, which recognises, sorts, and produces bales of plastics, paper, aluminium, light and oversized residue, as well as other materials.

With robotics and AI vision, the system sets a global benchmark for automatic recovery of recyclables. Thus far, Sharjah has recorded a 76 percent waste diversion rate with the support of BEEAH Recycling’s award-winning waste management complex.

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