DGrade’s Simply Bottles Recycling Initiative, Sponsored by Mai Dubai, Drives Sustainability in Schools

DGrade’s Simply Bottles Recycling Initiative, Sponsored by Mai Dubai, Drives Sustainability in Schools

Simply Bottles highlights the environmental impact of plastic pollution and showcases practical solutions, inspiring the next generation to embrace sustainable practices

Simply Bottles, a pioneering school recycling initiative sponsored by Mai Dubai, has engaged 250 schools across the UAE to significantly increase plastic bottle recycling rates and support the circular economy through education and recycling challenges.

Launched with the mission of cultivating environmental responsibility among the youth, Simply Bottles offers a comprehensive program throughout the school year.

The initiative includes educational events and activities that encourage sustainable habits, offered at no cost to participating schools.

The program, which reached 400,000 students and teachers across the UAE, delivered impactful assembly presentations that emphasize the environmental consequences of plastic pollution and promote the advantages of recycling.

Simply Bottles uses DGrade’s Greenspun™ yarn as a prime example of transforming plastic into school uniforms and other products, demonstrating how recycling diverts plastic from landfills, reduces carbon emissions, and conserves resources.

Kris Barber, CEO of DGrade, expressed enthusiasm about the initiative's impact, stating: "Simply Bottles has not only raised awareness about the importance of recycling but has also empowered young minds to actively contribute to a sustainable future.

"By educating students on the lifecycle of plastic and promoting recycling, we are fostering a generation that values environmental stewardship."

Abraham Kah, CEO of Mai Dubai, highlighted the company's dedication to sustainability through initiatives such as Simply Bottles. He stated: "At Mai Dubai, we are committed to setting an example.

"Our partnership with Simply Bottles aims to inspire the next generation of leaders and innovators to recycle and form sustainable habits, driving positive change towards a more sustainable UAE."

The program's success is underscored by its achievements in the recycling arena. From September 2023 to June 2024, more than 700,000 plastic bottles were recycled through various challenges and competitions organized as part of Simply Bottles.

Top-performing schools were rewarded with prizes made from recycled plastic bottles, further reinforcing the circular economy concept.

In addition to recycling challenges, Simply Bottles incorporated sustainability-themed competitions such as the Eco T-shirt Design, Rethink Plastic Art, and Rethink Plastic Innovation Competitions.

These activities encouraged students to explore creative ways of reusing and recycling plastic, promoting innovation and creativity among participants, and rewarding winners with sustainably made prizes.

"The overwhelming response from students, teachers, and parents has been truly inspiring," remarked Kris Barber.

"We have witnessed firsthand the enthusiasm and dedication of the youth in embracing sustainable practices. Their innovative solutions and artistic expressions showcase the potential of young minds to drive meaningful change."

As Simply Bottles looks forward to expanding its reach and impact in the coming years, the initiative remains committed to nurturing a culture of environmental consciousness and responsibility among the UAE's youth.

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