SunMoney Solar Group Introduces World's First Zero Emission Tire Recycling Solution

SunMoney Solar Group Introduces World's First Zero Emission Tire Recycling Solution

Will achieve eco-freindly soluation that will achieve a recycling efficiency of over 80%

SunMoney Solar Group, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, runs the largest community solar power program in the world and has its own asset-backed clean energy token, the SDBN2; it has unveiled its highly anticipated revolutionary tire-recycling technology.

The new technology offers a zero-emission, chemical-free process that is energy efficient, using only a tenth of the energy compared to traditional methods. Fully mobile and deployable anywhere due to its containerized design, the system can run on renewable energy.

It requires minimal human labour for loading and unloading, while achieving a recycling efficiency of over 80%.

SunMoney Solar Group has developed an emission-free way that provides the pure raw material necessary for this process of generating energy from tires through pyrolysis, an existing technology, thus offering an alternative fuel source that is as efficient as petroleum and 20% more efficient than coal-derived fuel.

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This breakthrough offers a sustainable, economically viable approach to managing tire waste and reducing the environmental footprint.

With nearly two billion tires discarded worldwide each year and only 15% of them being recycled, the majority end up in toxic landfills emitting harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

SunMoney Solar is all set to make waves in the industry with the launch of a groundbreaking breakthrough in tire recycling technology at the recently concluded MENA EV Show.

The company's representative and keynote speaker, Zoltan Rendes, Chief Marketing Officer, and Partner at SunMoney Solar Group, introduced the innovative solution that addresses the global problem of growing tire waste.

Mr Rendes said: "We can recycle any type of vehicle tire — from cars and buses to aeroplanes and military vehicles. Imagine extracting 100% pure hydrophile rubber granules, high-quality steel wire, and textile from your discarded tires.

"These materials can then be utilized in various industries, including pyrolysis — an environmentally friendly process of converting waste to energy." 

The process of their technologically advanced solution involves breaking down used tires into their original three components: high-quality 100% pure hydrophile rubber granules or chips, high-quality steel wire, and textiles.

These materials can be used to create new rubber products, serve as feedstock for pyrolysis, or produce new steel products.

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