The Waste Lab Launches in the UAE to Reduce Food Waste

The Waste Lab Launches in the UAE to Reduce Food Waste

Aims at boosting food security through nature-based solutions

Incubayt Investments has announced an investment in The Waste Lab, a Dubai-based, female-led startup. Focused on tackling the issue of food waste in the country, The Waste Lab will create solutions that will benefit the local agricultural community in the UAE.

Incubayt’s portfolio of sustainability-focused startups includes Wisewell, a water purification tech company that transforms tap water into purified and mineralized water through an installation-free device. Incubayt’s latest investment, The Waste Lab, is co-founded by Lara Hussein and Ceylan Üren.

The Waste Lab, which focuses on rescuing food scraps and transforming the country’s desert sand into farmable soil, has now joined the tech-led ecosystem with its user-friendly solution and data-driven strategy.

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The homegrown startup is led by co-founders who share a profound commitment to bringing nature to the fore, while using low-tech equipment to back their nature-based solutions in restoring ecological balance.

The Waste Lab offers off-site and on-site composting, targeting both B2C and B2B clients, with the scope to customize subscriptions to suit individual needs and also provide consultancy services and contracts to restaurants, hotels, schools, and other establishments.

The latest offering involves conducting on-site household composting as well as disseminating a part of the mature compost back to them. These efforts are directed towards addressing the issue at the grassroot level, right in the backyards of UAE residents.

Its ongoing pilot projects with The Hilton Group and Pullman Dubai Creek City Center are marking the startup's initial steps into the domain of B2B.

The Waste Lab is aiming for full-scale operations by 2023 across Dubai by administering the principle of Reduce, Repurpose, Resoil, in every B2B and B2C offering.

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