Zero Carbon Ventures, Green Planet Agree to JV for Circular Innovation Development across Waste & Industry

Zero Carbon Ventures, Green Planet Agree to JV for Circular Innovation Development across Waste & Industry

Ground-breaking organic waste to value project plan unveiled

Zero Carbon Ventures, an Abu Dhabi based pioneer in emission reduction technologies and solutions development, has announced a joint venture with Green Planet for Sustainable Environmental Solutions, part of the prestigious Egyptian Special Group for Trading and Investment J.S.C.

Zero Carbon Green Planet (ZCGP), to be incorporated in Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM), represents a collaboration more than just a project partnership, it underlines a broader commitment to work together on a building a sustainable future and a strategic net zero agenda in Egypt.

At the heart of ZCGP's pioneering plans is a novel, patent-pending high technology system, designed by Zero Carbon Ventures to tackle waste gas on landfills and organic waste streams at an unprecedented scale. The award nominated system processes waste methane, a notorious greenhouse gas, and organic waste, turning it into profitable revenue streams such as graphene, hydrogen, fertilizers and other valuable commodities.

By 2025 the first phase of project at the 15 May landfill site will be operational. The accelerated timeline is testament to ZCGP’s unwavering commitment to economic development and combatting climate change. On completion in 2027, this first of a kind advanced manufacturing process will employ up to 250 people, process 400 tonnes of organic waste per day whilst preventing thousands of tonnes of methane and CO2 from escaping into the atmosphere.

Zero Carbon CEO and CO-Founder Martin Reynolds said: “Our aim is to build a circular economy, an innovative and sustainable economic model that aims to redefine traditional linear production and consumption patterns. This holistic concept not only addresses environmental concerns, but also promotes economic opportunities and innovation.

"The new advanced manufacturing facility we plan to build in Egypt takes every drop of value from the waste that otherwise would go to landfill, making new products to be used again in the market. We are delighted to be partnering with Green Planet on this landmark joint venture that will showcase cutting edge technology and processes and have a meaningful impact on carbon emissions in the region. The scalable model can then be rolled out to other sites around the world”.

Dr Mohammed Asaad, Chairman of Green Planet adds, "Green Planet, and Special Group hold innovation and growth for Egypt at the core of its values. It is a pleasure to be partnering with such an inventive and experienced team at Zero Carbon Ventures, to deliver and scale impactful projects and bring new technology to the region.”

Dr. Tarek El-Araby, CEO, Waste Management Regulatory Authority stated, "We applaud the collaborative efforts of Zero Carbon Ventures and Green Planet in spearheading this innovative project. It’s a significant stride not only in advancing our circular economy but also in bolstering Egypt's position as a regional hub for economic growth and manufacturing.

"This venture is set to create substantial job opportunities, uplifting our local communities, and setting a benchmark in sustainable industrial practices. It epitomizes our commitment to a greener future and the economic empowerment of our citizens through environmentally conscious development. The partnership has our full support."

ZCGP will listen to and support the ambitions and strategy of the Egyptian government, delivering projects focussed on delivering a cleaner, greener future. Zero Carbon Ventures leads with state-of-the-art technology and a strategic vision, while Green Planet infuses operational expertise and invaluable local insights.

Together, the partnership is creating jobs in the region, laying the framework for advanced manufacturing and sustainable prosperity.

ZCGP is committed to nurturing cutting-edge research and fostering investment in transformative technologies with a focus on harnessing the vast potential of graphene and other pioneering materials, driving a new clean industrial revolution in Egypt and beyond.

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