Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant-Unit 3 Connected to UAE Electricity Grid

Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant-Unit 3 Connected to UAE Electricity Grid

Unit 3 of Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant Accelerates Achievement of UAE Net Zero 2050

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), and Abu Dhabi Transmission & Despatch Company (TRANSCO), have successfully connected Unit 3 of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant to the UAE grid.

Unit 3 is now dispatching its first megawatts of carbon-free electricity to the nation.

The grid connection of Unit 3 is a further achievement of the UAE nuclear energy sector in spearheading the delivery of the Net Zero by 2050 target, with Units 1 and 2 already commercially operational.

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Once commercially operational in the coming months, Unit 3 will add another 1,400 megawatts of zero-carbon emission electricity capacity to the national grid, a major step forward in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of UAE grid for at least the next 60 years.

Mohamed Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ENEC, said, “Connecting Unit 3 to the UAE transmission grid is a proud moment for the nation and our Emirati-led teams, powering a net zero economy through their world-class capability and knowledge.

"Barakah is spearheading the decarbonisation of the power sector, contributing 25% of the UAE’s National Determined Contributions to climate action, and executing our wise leadership’s long-term vision."

TRANSCO’s role in this effort is crucial having constructed more than 1,100 kilometres of 400 kV overhead lines to connect the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant Unit 3 to the Abu Dhabi electricity grid, ensuring the power generated at Barakah is safely delivered to consumers across the UAE.

Dr. Afif Saif Al Yafei, Chief Executive Officer of TRANSCO, said, “TRANSCO plays an essential role in enhancing energy security while also helping the UAE reach its net zero ambitions."

With both Units 1 and 2 generating clean electricity every minute of the day and night, the close working partnership between ENEC and TRANSCO enables the reliability, efficiency and resilience of the electrical infrastructure of the UAE grid.

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