Henkel Egypt & Plastic Bank Keep Away Over 500 Million Plastic Bottles from the Seas

Henkel Egypt & Plastic Bank Keep Away Over 500 Million Plastic Bottles from the Seas

Partnership empowers collection community members with a path out of poverty and supports the government’s efforts on reinforcing the waste-management sector

Henkel Egypt and Plastic Bank held a joint press conference to celebrate their significant partnership milestone, preventing over 10 million kilograms of plastic from reaching Egypt’s seas – the equivalent of more than 500 million plastic bottles.

As a key strategic partner of Plastic Bank, Henkel Egypt works to achieve integrated community development and environmental sustainability by adopting sound environmental practices.

With its support, Plastic Bank empowers local entrepreneurs to establish collection branches in convenient locations, helps gather collection communities together, and stops plastic before it enters the ocean. Collected plastic exchanged at the branches offers additional income and life-improving benefits to community members that help them transcend poverty.

Given that plastic waste is currently causing a huge global issue that needs urgent action, the Egyptian government showed unwavering support to many initiatives that work to reduce plastic waste and promote circular economy practices in line with its sustainable development vision (Egypt 2030).

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Carol Milan, President and Managing Director of Henkel Egypt, said during the press conference: “The partnership between Henkel Egypt and Plastic Bank is considered a trailblazing collaboration that has pioneered a breakthrough in society’s perception regarding plastic waste’s recycling operations.

"We are proud of our achievements and we are motivated to continue our joint plans to create a positive impact across Egypt.

"This partnership is not only limited to opening plastic collection branches, but it also extends to offering various awareness educational programs and activities by the trained employees from Henkel Egypt and Plastic Bank.”

She added: “The cooperation with Plastic Bank reflects our local and global commitment to applying the highest international standards for plastic waste management. Henkel is considered the first FMCG Company that promotes sustainable packaging solutions to reduce plastic pollution.

"Our goal is clear, we are aiming to mobilize the community to promote environmental awareness, economic empowerment of the less fortunate, women empowerment, as well as supporting Egypt’s Vision 2030 towards achieving a successful circular economy.

"We believe that preserving the environment and improving the living standards of the less fortunate is an integral part of Henkel’s global strategy.”

Meanwhile, Ahmed Abd ElAleem, Regional Head of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Plastic Bank, said: “We are extremely proud of today’s milestone. Our partnership with Henkel Egypt has resulted in stopping an equivalent of more than 10 million kilograms of plastic from reaching the seas.

"Through our partnership, we have inaugurated 29 plastic collection branches with a collection capacity of 5 million kilograms annually; in addition to providing additional income and life-improving benefits to 2,000 collection members.”

He added: “We have provided awareness and educational activities for our collection members and their families, as well as offered educational programs to the children of our members, teaching them about music, theater, and the importance of hygiene.

"We have also held training sessions for more than 100 people about health and safety at our office in Manshiyat Nasser and offered non-monetary incentives that include health and education insurance.”

The Egyptian government is always keen to support the efforts of the private sector and other social institutions in reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability and circular economy practices.

Thanks to this approach, many successful partnerships have been formed to combat this problem; one of which is the partnership between Henkel Egypt and Plastic Bank.

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