stc Successfully Concludes First Phase of “Trees for Life” Campaign

stc Successfully Concludes First Phase of “Trees for Life” Campaign

The campaign is a collaborative and nationwide initiative that supports the government of Bahrain’s national afforestation plans

stc, a world-class digital enabler, successfully concluded the first phase of its “Trees for Life” campaign in collaboration with Supreme Council for Environment, and the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture of Bahrain.

The campaign aims to support the Kingdom’s national afforestation plans to double the number of trees in Bahrain from 1.8 to 3.6 million trees by 2035, as part of its commitment to implement sustainable development initiatives in the Kingdom.

The Trees for Life campaign, launched in 2021, pledges stc Bahrain and its partners to promote environmental awareness and air quality enhancement while reducing desertification and addressing increasingly high temperatures.

The campaign is in line with the government’s vision to achieve net zero by 2060 by implementing green initiatives that mitigate climate change and achieve carbon neutrality through public-private partnerships.

stc Bahrain and Trafco Group to Support Trees for Life Campaign

Minister of Oil & Environment, H.E. Dr Mohamed bin Mubarak bin Daina, highlighted the importance of the campaign as a vital environmental and climate collaboration between government institutions and private sector in adopting programs and projects aimed at doubling the number of trees.

"This will contribute to strengthening the Kingdom's efforts to implement the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26) goals," he said.

H.E. commended stc and other stakeholders and entities for their national role and environmental commitment, their contribution to the campaign, and the successful efforts it has achieved during the first phase, with more milestones coming up in the future.

H.E. Eng Shaikh Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Undersecretary of Municipal Affairs, praised the completion of the first phase of the Trees for Life campaign.

He stressed on the role of the private sector and the civil sector in achieving the goals of the afforestation plan, and highlighting the importance of continuity of efforts and initiatives that constitute a community partnership.

The Undersecretary of Municipal Affairs noted the crucial role of all stakeholders in progressing the afforestation plan.

He emphasized this is a joint effort between several parties - public, private, and civil entities, working cohesively to increase the percentage of trees and afforestation at an accelerated pace.

He said, "With this national spirit, we will achieve together what we aspire for Bahrain to make it greener."

stc Bahrain CEO Eng Nezar Banabeela said: “We are proud to witness the success of the first phase of this important initiative that promotes environmental awareness and sustainability in line with Bahrain’s 2030 economic vision and as part of the Kingdom’s national afforestation campaign.

"We are honored to collaborate with Bahrain’s business community and public institutions and are grateful for their commitment and dedication to help address climate change and preserving natural spaces in line with the government’s national agenda.

"We are looking forward to a bright future as part of this campaign, and we hope to continue paving the way for future partnerships and maintaining this legacy for the benefit of our future generations.”

In conclusion of the first phase, stc Bahrain planted 35,000 trees across the Kingdom, reaching 25% of Bahrain’s target. Bahrain is greener and looks forward to planting an additional 50,000 trees during the next phase.

stc has partnered with local entities such as Al Amin Gardens, Nass Group, TRAFCO, SADAD, HHM Group, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI Bahrain), American Express Middle East, Huawei, Carrefour, Aqaratcom, Memac Ogilvy and Silah.

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